Christmas Essentials


When Christmas rolls around and you have no will power to actually leave the house any more and battle the shops you will need these items in order to survive your hibernation and survive Christmas. Here are my essentials for Christmas…


Including books is a fairly new thing for me, I am not a reader and have no motivation to read but I have two books which I am hoping to read while I am on Christmas break. First up is my all time favourite book, Tanya’s Christmas. This is an essential for anyone who loves Christmas, it has amazing photos, ideas, recipes and everything you need to cosy up in your bed with a hot chocolate. This book will totally get you in the Christmas spirit!

The second book is Hygge Holiday, I bought this on the recommendation of @icovetthee and thought it looked super cute and would be a lovely read while I am off work.


You can’t not include music in your Christmas essentials, make a playlist of your favourite songs on either Spotify, ITunes or YouTube so you can have them blasted whenever you want to!


Christmas movies are obviously a must, you don’t even need to go out and by the DVDS because I guarantee throughout December there will be about 47 festive movies a day! I try and get in the spirit by recording them all and try and watch at least one a day leading up to the big day.

Hot Chocolate

This should really go without saying, I bought my hot chocolate and stored it away in November so I was ready. All that’s left to do is buy whipped cream and mini marshmallows for the perfect evening drink!


This is a must, I am obsessed with Camembert cheese throughout December so I tend to stock up on it before hand just so I am covered. I love dipping in fresh French Stick and peppers!

A cute festive cup

Having your favourite hot drink in a really festive over the top mug can make the world of difference! How cute does that look, instantly puts you in the Christmas mood and looks so festive!

Sweet Treats

I always used to get loads of chocolate and sweets when I was younger for Christmas but that has kind of died out now, so I like to stock up myself and have my own secret stash of them. I particularly like the Festive Fondant Fancies from Mr Kipling!

Festive Candles

Nothing screams Christmas like the smell of a festive candle radiating throughout your house!

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Victoria xx

Back to Mac | What I’m taking back to Mac


If your a lipstick junkie/hoarder then you know how bad it gets when you have hundreds of lipsticks but you realistically only reach for the same couple. 

Mac have a great program called ‘back to Mac’ where you can return any 6 products/packaging and get a free lipstick of your choice! 

My closest Mac store is in my airport, and I have contacted Mac and they have said that I can exchang my products there for a lipstick, so hopefully on Sunday when I am there it will happen! 

I have 5 lipsticks and 1 liquid lipstick which I am exchanging, and these are all for different reasons. 

On the left is Impassioned, this was actually the first ever Mac lipstick I ever bought! I even remember the day, I was in Manchester with my friends. This lipstick is a really nice shade, and I obviously thought I would get a lot of wear out of it it in the summer, but I havnt. It’s also a pretty battered lipstick, the lipstick itself grinds against the packaging and doesn’t look nice. 

In the middle is another broken lipstick, I have no idea how this one got like this but it did and it’s a real shame because it’s one of my favourite nudes. It is in the shade Twig.

And on the right is Saint Germain, I bought this because I thought it would be great in the summer with a tan. But I actually don’t like it, in the packaging it looks a lovely shade but it doesn’t suit me.

On the left is the liquid in the shade High Drama, I bought this last year and literally have not used it and when I have tried to it just looks awful! It’s so patchy and hard to apply and keep on and is just not worth the effort! 

In the middle is Snob, this is most probally the one I would most like to keep out of all them but I needed to make up 6 so it didn’t make the cut of staying. But for me, it’s just a little to pink and I like either red or nude. 

And lastly is Heroine, this was a great idea when I bought it and it was a long time ago when I would actually wear something like this, but now, it’s not for me! 

Top to bottom 

Heroine,  Snob, Impassioned,  Twig Saint, Germain,  High Drama

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Tanya Burr Cosmetics Express Your Selfie range 


Hello lovelies! 

I was really lucky to be sent the new #expressyourselfie range from Tanya Burr Cosmetics! This is the second time they have sent me a new collection and it literally makes my day, week and even months! This new range by Tanya Burr is sooo beautiful! She always gets it right with the products and packaging!

The new collection consists of three brand new eye products! A mascara, eye liner and Brow pencil to create the perfect selfie.

So, the packaging as always is gorgeous, anything good and shiny is a huge hit with pretty much everyone these days so it’s definitely perfect! Also the names of the products are really creative and printed on in a beautiful italic print which makes it look like a really high end product. 

Selfie Lash Mascara £7.99

I feel like the star of the collection is the mascara as this seems to be the most talked about. So far I have only tried it once, but have no fear it’s in my make up bag ready to be used all this week for work! But my first impressions of it are that it really does build up drama and it doesn’t clump your lashes together. It’s supposed to be able to be layered and layered to build up as much drama as you want, so I’m sur with will be testing that out over the next week! 

Selfie Sculpt Brow Pencil £6.49

Next up is a brow pencil, I don’t think I’ve seen a prettier brow pencil ever! The product has an angled pencil on one end and then the other end has a spooley brush which makes doing your brows so much easier and faster. I found the product dry which I personally liked because I liked that I had control over how much I applied. I’ve not used a brow pencil before because I’ve been worried about it coming out really heavy, but this pencil works just like a pomade. I was sent the shade medium, I’m not sure if this is too dark for me as I have yet to see how light the fair one is. 

Selfie Flick Liquid Eye Liner £4.49

Now, I am not an eye liner girl, I’ve never really got the hang of it, but before these products arrived I’d told myself I was going to give it ago and practice with it. I tried out the liner on just one eye (yes I looked crazy later on when I had to go and move my car) and first of all I have no idea how to do a winged line so I attempted it and at first I was unsure but then it totally grew on me by the end of the day! And I am in love with liner! It applies really black and doesn’t smudge but it comes of easily with a cleanser and water. 

Did you buy anything from the #expressyourselfie range? Let me know what you got.

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Autumnal eye shadow picks 


Today is all the perfect autumnal eye shadows, a couple of these were new purchases this autumn but the majority are old ones. So here are my go to shades/palettes for the autumn months.

First up I have chosen four individual eye shadows, the two smaller ones are from Colourpop. These are in the shades LALA and Game Face, these two of my favourite all time shadows and tend to be my go to for traveling as their really small and easy to pack. 

The next two are from MUA Cosmetics in the shades Copper and Bronze, these are the cheapest eye shadows I own but they are still really good quality so you can even tell! 

The MUA Cosmetics Rusted Wonders palette is the perfect shimmer palette for autumn. The red has been my most worn shade so far, but these are all so pigmented and really easy to blend! Considering this was £3.50 I don’t think you can go wrong with it! 

The beautiful MAC Burgundy X 9 palette which is a couple of years old now, I havnt really got much wear out of this as it is very seasonal. That being said I will put it in my make up bag so I can remind myself to use it more! 

The top two are the Colourpop shadows (top Game Face bottom LALA). These two are my most worn pretty much all year but they are perfect for autumn, they are really long wearing I find it’s best to apply them with my finger so I get the most out the colour. 

The bottom two are by MUA Cosmetics (top bronze bottom copper). Out of these two I think I will be wearing Copper the most as it is as really rich warm coppery shade and incredibly pigmented considering how cheap these were!

The top four are from the MAC palette and the bottom four are from the MUA Cosmetics palette. Considering the huge difference in price I would say the quality of the shadows is near enough the same, although I think I will get more wear out of the MUA palette as they are perfect lid shades! 

What are your favourite shadows for autumn? 

Victoria xx 

Full body pamper routine 


Today I am sharing my favourite pamper products and what I like to do to treat myself. I tend to only do a full on pamper routine like this before a special occasion like a holiday so this doesn’t happen every week! 


For my face I have just picked out 3 essentials, I do a pretty intense skincare routine daily and there will be a post on that shortly. But for now here are the products I’ve picked for anpamper rouitne. The Philosophy Microdelivery exfoliating face wash is such a pamper product in my eyes, it’s so soft and gentle and leaves my skin feeling great! 

Of course a pamper routine isn’t a really a pamper routine unless there is a face mask involved. I have picked the Soap and Glory De-Clog mask out of my collection as it is really fun to use and really does feel like it’s pulling all the dirt out of your skin! 

And then add loads of hydration back into my skin I like to do a hydrating sheet mask, my favourites are the Garnier masks as I know I can always rely on them! 


No pamper routine is complete without a shower (or a bath), I love using the Whats in it for me Body cleanser which was kindly gifted to me. This smells so fresh and invigorating and adds a pop of summer into my autumnal routine. It also contains so many good ingredients that keep your skin in tip top condition.

Next up, a body scrub! I have been wanting to try out a coffee scrub for the longest time so when this one from Bean Body arrived in the #lfbeautybox I was so happy! As of yet I have not used it, but I will Post a mini review over on my Instagram when I use it! @toriiitoriii

And to finish up treating my body I have been loving using the Zoella Beauty Body Pudding. What I love most about this moisturiser is the little little beads which pop and add even more goodness into your skin! 


Carbon Coco is the newest addition to my pamper routine as I was kindly gifted this! I still have yet to use it, but I’m sure it will be great as I’ve seen so many good reviews on it! Let me know if you want me to document my results! 

Hands & Hair 

For en extra little treat, especially in the colder months it’s good to take care of your hands as they are normally the body part which is out in the horrible weather. I have picked out the Skimono hand mask to use followed by Soap and Glory Hand Food to make my hands extra soft. 

And to finish, a hair oil from Forest & Shore! A hair oil has been a staple for me since the summer and so I use this one from Forest & Shore after every wash. It smells amazing and leaves my hair feeling so soft and managable! 

What products do you use for your pamper routine? 

Victoria xx 

Autumn Lip Picks 


Welcome back, today’s post is all about my autumn lip picks! I have gone throw my collection and picked out the lipsticks which I think scream fall! 

I have picked out a real variety from the typical dark berries to the dark nudes. 

The three lipsticks across the top are pretty much my staples for autumn time. On the left is Charlotte Tilbury Very Victoria, this is a less typical fall shade, but is very ideal for wearing to work as it’s still a dark nudey brown. In the middle is the prettiest shade, Charlotte by Nars! I need to wear this a lot more this year as it’s such a gorgeous dark plumy red shade perfect for adding a pop of autumn to your make up. And on the right is another work autumnal shade, Pink Cocoa from Tanya Burr Cosmetics. 

I have picked out two Colour Pop shades, on the left is Saturday and in the middle is Avenue. I really love the shades of these, but I don’t get along very well when wearing them, they flake off half my lips and look awful! Please let me know if there is a way to make these stay put, because I have so many and can’t use them! I then have two Mac lipsticks in the shades Whirl and Amourous. Whirl is definitely the more typical brown woodland shade where as Amourous has a hint of purple and berry shades. I have then also picked out a Mac liquid lipstick in the shade High Drama, this screams autumn and is the perfect dark lip! I also really love he formula of the Mac liquid lipsticks as they last for so long! 

I have also picked out a Revlon Liquid Lip Colour in the shade Addiction, this is really creamy and longlasting. And finally I have two soft matte lip creams from NYX, these are in the shades Transylvania and Copenhagen. To be honest I won’t be getting much wear out of these as they are really old and dried up but I can’t bring myself to get rid of them! 

After wiring this post I’ve realised how many autumnal lipsticks I need to start wearing! I’m sure I will pack quite a few of them to take away with me on my next holiday! 

Victoria xx 

New Skincare on Trial 


Happy Saturday! 

Today’s post is all about new skin care products I’ve picked up recently and a little bit of a review about them.

This little selection I picked up from TK Maxx, I’ve never really had much luck in my local store, but on this day I found some bargains! 

The Cream Shop This is an overnight gel mask containing hyaluranic acid. First of all, how cute is the packaging, totally cute and really looks worth the money. This costed a total of £5.99 which I think is a real bargain. I really like the whole concept of overnight masks, as their constantly giving your skin the hydration it needs to be plump and look great in the morning. So far I love this! 

Philosophy This is my first item from Philosophy and I’m so impressed with it. The thing that kind off made me love even more was the price, this was only £7.99. Now this is cheap, I went in Boots afterwards and they sell it for £18! I also really liked the whole concept of this wash as it’s a scrub aswell, it has really fine particles so it feels really gentle on your skin but it also feels like it is doing good. Apparently regularly use helps buffer out fine lines and evens out the skin tone, so let’s put it to the test!

Sukin I have seen Sukin in quite a few places now so when I saw this hydration mask for £4.99 I figured now was as good as time as any to pick it up! Although I am not keen on the smell I do like the product itself! 

Garnier Garnier skincare is a staple in my routine, especially the face washes. So when I saw they had a wash which was essentially micellar water I thought it would be great. This acts as a make up remover, it’s very similar to their other Skin Active washes but removes way more make up! 

The Ordinary After seeing the AHA Peeling Solution appear in so many people skincare routines I decided to give it ago myself. Now this is really cool! I am going to do a whole blogpost on this as I think it’s really interesting to use. 

Generation Skincare Generation Skincare were kind enough to send me one of their new serums to try out over the next few weeks. So far I have only used it a few time, but I really like it. It smells of oranges, so this makes it really pleasant to use. I also love be fact it contains so much good stuff just in one bottle which can help with hydration and clear skin! 

Let me know if you’ve tried any of these!

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Things I’ve been loving in September 


September feels like it has just gone by as quick as lightening, how have I already been back to work for 4 weeks and we are now 3 months away from Christmas! How crazy? But now we are in October, and I have chosen to take on the taste of blogging everyday for the whole month, I have the ideas, now I just need the motivation to keep it going for a whole 31 days! 


This month I really feel like I’ve found my make up favourites, I’ve found my perfect primer, foundation, concealer and mascara and I havnt switched it up. Since I started blogging I started collecting make up, and I’ve ended up with quite a bit but now I can defienlty stop buying unnessasarily and just stick to what I love! 

The Ordinary Primer has blown me away, I ofcourse bought it because everyone raves about  this brand (and I do too). The texture of it is really smooth and feels pretty much like the Benefit Porefessional but at a fraction of the price which makes it even better in my eyes. I am almost out of this which makes me so sad because The Ordinary products are really hard to get a hold of and they are always out of stock!

Mac Studio Fix foundation has been my number one bae since the summer, to be honest it’s a little bit to dark for me right now as I’m as pale as the moon, but I’m using it until it’s empty. This foundation over the top of the primer above is the perfect combination, it is really long lasting and looks natural but flawless at the same time. 

Under eye concealer is a bit of a tricky one, some are too drying, some are too cakey, but the Radiance Reveal from Bourjois is just right! This applied with the two products above is ofcourse the perfect match. 

And as for mascara, if you have not heard of this mascara then you must be on another planet! The Loreal Paradise Exactic mascara has been one of the most talked about mascaras in a while, and I can definitely see why. It’s so easy to apply, it does not clump, it creates volume and adds length! The perfect mascara.

Hair & Body 

In the summer I was sent a hair oil to try out from Forest & Shore and I am totally in love with it! I use it after every wash and it adds so much nourishment to my ends and has totally transformed my hair. You can buy it here

This month I have not one, but two, shower gel favourites. I was sent a lovely body cleanser from the brand What’s In It For Me..? in the summer and I pretty much use it on alternate nights with the My Bilou shower foam which I bought myself after seeing so many photos of it. Both of these shower gels are still very much on the summer side of things, but I like that, I’m still imagining I’m on a beach tanning instead of in the dreary UK weather!

Because I’m using oil in my hair after washing it, sometimes my hair looks a little too oily (still trying to work out how much to apply) I tend to use a dry shampoo on a daily basis. My go to dry shampoos are Co Lab Hair, I love the packaging so much and the fact that it doesn’t leave white residue when you spray it! 


These boots are pretty much my ride or die fashion piece for autumn and winter. Fun fact, this is my second pair of these boots, I loved them so much earlier this year I wore them out, so obviously I bought another pair for the new season. There are very similar to the ones you can find in high street store but so much cheaper. You can find them here

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