Buying shell jewellery from EBay


This year the shell seems to be the hot accessory, so I have gone through the whole of Ebay and picked up some of the best things. I have linked everything down below with the prices. I can already tell some of this will be a one wonder wear, like the gold chocker as I reckon it will tarnish, but I’m hoping that I’ll be able to get a bit more wear out of the other more hard wearing pieces.

Real Sea Shell Dangle Hook Earrings  £3.49


A postcard from Fuerteventura


Hello from sunny Fuerteventura, I’m currently half way through my holiday and thought I would get a blogpost up featuring some of my photos from my beach walk to other day.

I am actually obsessed with all the photos I have taken whilst being here, the scenery is just amazing, and around the hotel there is loads of instagramable hot spots perfect for capturing some outfit shots.

I am staying at the TUI Sensimar Royal Palm & Spa hotel, the hotel it’s self is beautiful like I said, the perfect Instagram hotel, palm trees everywhere, grey and white walls and amazing food!

The wind how ever is a little bit too strong, this means that even though it is really sunny it doesn’t feel hot. For me me this is the perfect weather because it means I never get too hot that I have to go inside, instead I can sit outside all day and work on my tan.

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See you soon xx

A Postcard from Positano


When I booked my holiday to Naples I had no idea that going to visit Positano would even be possible, that being said it was a little bit out the way but well worth the visit! The photos I got here were some of my favourites from the whole trip!

Positano is such a pretty place and much like what you see plastered all over Instagram.

We arrived early afternoon, we were dropped off at the top of the hill by a bus and started the walk down. We had no idea where we were actually going but decided to just wing it and see where we ended up. Walking down the little alley ways was rather painful and in my mind I was dreading the walk back up at the end of the day.

When we made it down to the beach, we headed straight for food which consisted of pizza followed by ice cream. Then the photo taking commences and continued until we left.

It is such a quaint little town, I can’t imagine how busy it gets in the summer, it must be absolutely packed full of tourists!

Positano is such a photogenic place regardless of the weather.

There is not a lot to do there unless you literally just want to lay on the rocky beach all day and eat ice cream (which doesn’t sound half bad), so we decided to we would get a boat round to Sorrento so we got to tick another place off the list. Also this meant I didn’t have to walk back up all those stairs which was a result.

Victoria xx

May: Outfit of the month 


Out of all the outfits I’ve worn in May, this one is by far my favourite. Not only was it a lovely day out with great memories but I love all the photos my friend and I took that day. I love the colour contrast between the brightly coloured shorts and the black lace top. I think this is such a nice summer outfit ( I wear it so much!). 

Top New Look

Shorts Boohoo 

A day in Bournemouth 


Yesterday my best friend and I drove down to Bournemouth for the night to have a nice relaxing weekend away. We set of at 630am and headed down the motorway, we stopped of once and got a lovely McDonalds breakfast. Once we arrived in Bournemouth we found our hotel, which I had never stayed at before. I have come to Bournemouth every year since I was born and I’ve only stayed in a couple of hotels, so it was nice to try out a new one. Basically the whole day was spent trying to take cute Instagram photos. 

Our first stop was ofcourse an ice cream and a walk along the beach. It wasn’t the warmest weather but still warm enough to wear shorts without getting hypothermia. 

If you can’t tell from all these photos, I am hugely inspired by Pinterest and had a board ready full of photos I wanted to recreate. 

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 There are so many pretty beach huts along the front and they are perfect for a little photo opp! 

We decided to walk along the beach up to Boscombe peir and had another ice cream break and photo break on some rocks.


When we arrived at Boscombe Pier we walked to the end and took even more photos, but it was quite windy and cold so we didn’t hang around long. The worst part about Bournemouth is the hill back up to the hotels, so we climbed the hill and walked along the top to the hotel. We then had an hour to relax and recharge before heading out for dinner. As it was my best friends birthday last weekend I decided to get some cakes and biscuits for us to have. 

For dinner the plan was to go to Weatherspoons as its cheap but we ended up in Prezzos as it was a lot closer and our legs were aching by this point. I think in total we walked about 13km which is pretty good! 

And then obviously the day finished with an icecream, this one was mint green and bubblegum flavoured and so pretty! We then hiked up the hill one more time back to the hotel. The plan for the evening was to go in the pool, when we got there we were the only ones so it was really earie and creepy so we didn’t stay in long. We then headed into the sauna for a little bit to dry off before heading back to the room.

I wanted to do a really cute night routine post but I just didn’t have the motivation for it which was disappointing but I did manage to take these pictures so you get the jist of what I used. 

After the shower we had a little pamper with a face mask and a hand scrub and watched the latest epaiode of Orphan Black. 

Saturday Night on a cliff








 Last night was a pretty awesome night, after we had a pub dinner consisting of steak and Malibu we decided to go for a walk to the beach. I love the beach so may opportunity to go I will be there. It was however freezing cold and really windy although we did get a few good photos.  Walking along the edge and seeing all the rocks below totally reminded me of being in California especially with the weather! 

My weekend so far…



Saturday Part One

This weekend I am visiting my best friend Meg in Heysham which is a beach village in the North of England.  I had never been here until today, it’s not at all what I expected. As I grew up in a town I am used to having easy access to shops and anything I wanted at my finger tips. But here there is not much of anything. There are 3 pubs, a couple of cafes and a hair dressers. Although it is all totally cute! And I have already taken hundreds of photos so far.