Spring Evening Skincare Routine


To start my skincare routine off every evening, I use Dermalogica Pre Cleanse*, this is an oil which you massage into dry skin and it removes pretty much all your make up, including waterproof mascara! I then use the Special Cleansing Gel* to cleanse my face, this contains lots of great skin ingredients and I find this especially good helping with my spots. The third step to cleansing is using the Daily Microfoliant*, this contains little rice granules and gently exfoliates your skin, removing all the bad stuff. 

Masking is the next step, I have a separate blogpost going up of my favourite masks, but for todays post I have picked two from Pixi Beauty which I like to use a duo. I apply the Peel & Polish* first and massage that in before I rinse it off, then I apply the Glow Mud Mask* which helps with blemishes. 

I use the Pixi Glow Tonic* toner every night with out fail, this is so good as another exfoliation step, and making my skin feel super fresh and glowy. 

On the nights when I’m feeling extra bougie I like to use the Pixi DetoxifEYE* eye patches along with the Glycolic Boost* sheet mask. 

To add in extra hydration and help with acne scaring I use two pumps of Aloe Vera Gel*, I find this really refreshing and cooling on my skin especially in the summer. Under my eyes I apply the Freshly Cosmetics Eye Serum* followed by the Freshly Cosmetics Golden Radiance Oil*.

And finally, I apply Pixi Beauty Rose Ceramide Cream* just before I go to sleep to lock in all the moisture.


April favourites 🙌🏼


Its May already! How crazy! That means four months till my summer holiday which is so exciting! So here are some of the things I have been loving in April… 

So my actual first thing I am loving is this background, and it’s only a sheet of paper. I bought a few patterned pieces of paper online so I could use them as backgrounds and this is my favorite one by far. Now onto the beauty faves, Loreal True Match foundation. I have been wearing this for the past month and love it so much. I have had it tucked away in my drawer for ages, like since Christmas and I never used it because I always go through phases of being obsessed with one particular foundation, and no I am obsessed with this one. I even had to buy a new one because I have used up one already. Mac Velvet Teddy lipstick has also been my most worn lipstick in April as I have been wearing it for work. And to line my lips I use the Makeup Revolution lip liner in The One. Next is a my all time favourite nail varnish, this is from Kiko in the shade 389. This will most definelty be my most worn colour for the next 5 months no doubt. And ofcourse I can’t forget about my favourite bronzer Nars Laguna which is my go to for my every day make up look. And lastly is this brush type thing, this was a couple of pounds of Amazon and I thought it looked interesting and wanted to try it out as I looks like the really expensive ones I’ve seen all over Instagram. I really like this for applying my foundation, I had never used a brush until this and it’s really good to apply foundation evenly and it looks natural and blended. 

Next I have some skin care favourites, with the summer slowly approaching I have been loving to use a bit of fake tan to add some colour. My favourite is the Dove Summer Glow this is a gradual tanner so I like to but this on before bed and when I wake up I have a bit more colour to my skin. I have been loving putting this Elemis hand cream on every night before bed as it smells amazing. And recently I have stopped epilating my legs and have gone back to shaving so I have been using the EOS shave cream which smells amazing and leaves my legs super soft! 

My most worn perfume is Bombshell from Victoria’s Secret, when I wear this I get so many compliment from people because it truly does smell amazing. And for my face wash this month I have gone back to a really old favourite of mine, Simple Triple Action face wash. When I used to have really bad spots I struggled for ages to try and get rid of them, but then I found this face wash and it worked a treat. I think because it was full of more natural ingredients and nothing to harsh it really helped my skin combat my problem areas and now I only have the occasional spot. And my final favourite is my iPod, I have recently updated my music as I am going on a little road trip this month and thought I needed good music for it.