You know that moment when you see everyone on Instagram receiving amazing PR packages and you just keep wishing and hoping that one day that might turn up on your doorstep… well it did! I was absolutely blown away by the generosity of Pixi Beauty, and it totally made my weekend receiving all this in one day.

Skincare is my ride or die, I live for it, and when it’s as pretty as this it’s hard not too! I received the WHOLE of the Pixi Beauty Rose range. I had only ever tried the rose toner previous to this so I was 
utterly taken back when I saw that I now owned ALL of this. Not only all of the products, but 
the beautiful travel bag it all came in! I am 100% taking this away with me on every holiday 
from now as it I love it. 
This bag contains everything, from make up wipes, toners, spritz, moisturisers and balms, it is just full of so many gems!
On the same day I also received a box of their new eye shadow palettes and three brushes! The shades are perfect and so pigmented. My favourite palette is the bottom one, containing the warmer shades. i love wearing the middle third row and the left third row down on their own, just for a pop of colour.

Thank you so much Pixi! ❤

Golden Circle Tour, Iceland 


Our first stop on the Golden Circle Tour was Thingveller National Park. It was supper windy here as everything was so exposed. It looked out over plains of green mossy area and little lakes. Here is where the Eurasian and American plates are pulling apart. 

Our second stop was Geyser where water bursts up through pools of water every couple of minutes. This was such an amazing this to see, every one would be waiting in complete silence with their cameras ready until it exploded out and then you heard everyone’s amazement. 

Above is Gullfoss waterfall which is probably the thing I was most excited about seeing and how can you not be! It looks stunning, even in the miserable weather we had it looked amazing! 

And the final stop of the tour is to a crater called Kerio. This place was super windy and we were literally there 3 minutes before running back to the bus!