Primark Summer Accessory Haul 


I went to Primark (in January) and went a little crazy for their summer stuff! I did manage to restrain myself from buying sandals but I couldn’t help myself when it came to these little bits. Plus on this day I had just book my summer holiday to Greece so it was very appropriate. 

I love Primark earrings, they are so cheap and pretty. They don’t last that long before they start going funny in my ears but I like to switch out my earrings all the time any way. I picked up these for my piercings in my cartilage which I always loose. 

 I love slippers like this as they are so comfy and these ones have a really thick sole. Plus the colour is just amazing for the summer especially if you have a tan. 

I picked up these sunglasses for £2 and they are a rose gold/coppery colour which I love. I have a pair like this already by the frames are wonky so they don’t fit properly. 

 These are my go to hair ties as they don’t damage your hair or leave any kinks. I chose to go for more neutral colours for the summer so they are more subtle.   
I am obsessed with shoes like these! I already ha done pair but I couldn’t resist buying another pair as they were only £8. I really wish I also picked up the tan pair as well because they are so cute!   

I also picked up a boho style head band which is elasticated at the back. I think this will look really cute in the evenings with a maxi skirt and lace top. I then picked up a rose gold ring which I thought was very Greek, as I am going to a Greek island. 

Ofcourse I can’t go into Primark without buying some candles as they are so cheap! These were only £2 each and they burn for 30 hours. They have so many scents out for the summer which smell really good. 

 I decided I would like to try and wear a chicken this year, as o think they look pretty cute and are a less dressy option for the day time. 

Summer Clothing Haul Part 1 | Maxi Skirts & Shorts


First off all I have to admit I’m am writing this post in January! I get a little carried away when it comes to buying summer clothes, and I love to buy mine in the sale so I can get more for my money! All these items are from Boohoo which is my favourite online store, mainly because they have free returns so if you don’t like something you don’t have to worry about paying to send it back. This haul is all shorts and maxi skirts as last year I went on a bit of a play suit hype and bought loads of them. So this year I’ve decided I’m going to be in shorts and maxi skirts.  

 I have always wanted to have a tie dye skirt but never found one which I really liked. This one is a lovely blue purple shade and has a split either side of the skirt. 

This maxi skirt was only £4 and I chose to get a light washed out blue as I thought it would be a good contract between my tan. It has more of a unique style as it has buttons down the middle but the middle section is actually cut out. 

 I love the pattern of this skirt and it was around £5 which is such a bargain. This one once again has two splits up the side. 

I chose this skirt because I really like the washed out muted colour which can be dressed up or dressed down. It is a cross over skirt and is shorter at the front and longer at the back. 

These lace shorts are so cute and perfect for summer and a bargain at only £5! 

 I didn’t actually realise how bright these were when I put the order in, but I love them. I love lace so that’s even better! And these were only £2!

These shorts reminded me of the Brandy Melville shorts and they feel so soft and light weight. I don’t have any burgundy short so I thought I would branch out. These were £5.

  I love these shorts so much! They are floppy shorts so they look like a skirt when they are on. I absolutely love the pattern! These were £6. 
I can’t wait to be able to style all these and wear these in Greece! 

Mini Haul // Wax Box


The first item in this haul is Wax Box, this is a monthly subscription box full of waxes and the odd candle. It’s about £10 plus p+p which is really good value for the amount of products you get. The theme of this one is spring and everything smells amazing!  

 Yes, they are more waxes! I bought these off Amazon fro about £2 each and I will be gifting these to my mum as part of her Easter present. I also bought Loreal Volume Lashes mascara off amazon as well for £5. I really want to try out new mascaras so I have more options and as I love Loreal ones I thought this would be perfect.  

 And lastly I bought these cute make up brushes of Amazon for £6 for the set. I bought them because they look like the Real Techniques brushes but are a fraction of the price. But mainly I bought them because they are so pretty! I can’t wait to use them! 

Skin Care Haul 

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I recently went shopping and spent so much money! I bought a few skin care bits and make up which will be in a separate haul.   
First up I decided to buy to some thing to get rid on the blackheads on my nose. I dorm always have them but at the minute I am noticing them a bit more, so I thought I would try out this cleanser by Clean & Clear. This is definelty something to invest in if you don’t want to wear foundation but want your skin to look good up close. I got this for £2.50 from Bodycare which was the cheapest I could find it.    
I like to use a serum on my face every night to add more moisture and help my skin heal. This is from the SuperDrug Vitamin E range which Is fairly cheap. It was about £3.99 which is good as this will last quite a long time. 


I then also picked up this moisture mask which will add extra moisture every so often. The idea with this is that you leave it on over night and let it soak in. 
And the last item from the Vitamin E range is the toning mist which I already own. I love to spray this on before I apply my serum to add an extra boost of vitamin e. This WA salons only about £2.99 for quite a big bottle. 


I was looking for a new face wash and re found this one. I used this one a few years ago when I had really bad spots, and this cleared it up so good! I thought I would try it again to just make sure I keep any spots at bay and can tackle them when they do pop up. I really recommend this if your struggling with spots as it is brilliant! 

And the last product is my favourite moisturiser, this was on offer for less than £5. I love Loreal moisturisers so much as I think they help my skin heal after having spots. 


Mac Saint Germain 

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I have been wanting this lipstick for ages now, well a year or so but I’d put of buying it because there were other shades I wanted more. But when I went to Copenhagen a few weeks ago I decided I would buy this one. At duty free they didn’t really have a lot of options and I knew they had this one so I had set my mind on it. I ofcourse have a few shades like this already from other brands but you can’t beat Mac. 

This is the perfect pink shade, it’s not to bright but bright enough. It kind of reminds me of a paler Barbie shade. It’s so creamy on your lips and I think the colour would look even greater over a lip liner. 

This will definelty be a great shade for spring to add a pop of colour to your make up! 

Mini Beauty Haul 

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  I was hoping for a relaxing weekend not doing anything so I could pack for next weekend as I’m away. But, my friend asked if I wanted to go to the new diner in town so we went and then I ended doing a little bit of shopping aswell. 

  I love using eye creams now, it makes me feel like I am taking care of my skin and helps my make up sit better on it. 


 I also couldn’t resist checking out the Soap and Glory section in Boots as this has become my new favourite skin care brand. I got a new face mask, which I have to admit I still have loads of the first one left but it’s one of my favourite products by them. And then I got a spot treatment which always comes in handy especially as I am going on holiday soon.

These are my favourite type of hair tie, they don’t damage your hair and leave it with out a crease once you take it out. 

  And lastly, I have seen everyone buying this palette from Maybelline so as I past the Maybelline section I thought I would see if they had it. 

Victoria’s Secret Haul 

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  My huge delivery arrived today! I wasn’t expecting it for another week yet so I was totally shocked and so happy to see it on my door step! 


This is by far the biggest box I have received in the mail and I have to admit I couldn’t really remember what I had purchased.  
Here is an over view of everything that was in he box! 

I have always wanted a make up bag from there so when this black one was on offer I new I had to get it! It is the perfect size to take on holiday. And of course I had to get the tiny purse which is also coming on holiday with me for the days when I am carry a small bag around. A tiny hair brush is always so handy to keep in your bag and then I got some of the no crease hair ties which are the only ones I use in on my hair. Let’s also appreciate the flannels, they were I think £6 or less for 4 of them so I had to get them off course.  

Anything travel size always comes in handy so I picked up 5 mini sized lotions which I will give a few to my mum for her holiday.  

I also went a little crazy on the body lotions and got 5 of them, I absolutely love the packing. I think my favourite so far is the Passionstruck. I also got 2 hair and body oils for presents for my friends and then also 2 shower gels for the summer.  


I guess I also went a little crazy with these body lotions purely because I loved the packaging as well. And they are so handy with the pumps on top. 

Over all I am so happy with everything I got, I am so impressed with how quick everything arrived. I probably won’t be buying anything from here for a long time as I seem to have a lifetime supply of body lotions. 


First Impressions: Primark Beauty 

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I hadn’t ever bothered looking at the make up section in Primark but I had seen some blog posts on it and people said it was better than you would have expected.  

First up are the tweezers, as soon as I saw these I knew they were just perfect for me, I love the design and colours. They are a perfect addiction to my make up bag for only £1.

Recently I have been buying a lot of lipsticks, so I thought why not try one from Primark. As it was only £1.50 I figured it was worth a try. The colour is really nice and creamy and the packaging reminds me of Maxfactor a bit. 
I don’t always do my eyebrows as I like them to look natural and sparse so I didnt wasn’t to spend a lot of brow products as I already have benefit Brownings. So this one is great for only £1 and the colour is really light which I always struggle to find as they always come out really dark on my brows.  

I love an eyeshadow pallette. I would much rather have a pallette rather than individual shadows. This one is £2.50, so far after swatching the colours they don’t have great colour pay off but that is kind of a good thing. I always struggle with blending and end up with too much colour on my brush and end up to dark, so I’m hoping this is a pallette which I can use to build up the eyeshadow.  
80p for nail varnish, so of course I got two. They are the shades Marshmallow and Tropic Sunset. These colours are perfect for summer with a tan so I will most probally be taking these on holiday with me.  

Mini Make Up Haul

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  Today when I went to Asda I had a look at their make up section, and even though there is only three brands to choose from I managed to pick up four items. At my Asda there is Rimmel, Maybelline and George. 

Recently I have been wanting pale lipsticks just for everyday wear so I picked up these two.  


Then I saw Maybelline nail polish was on offer so I picked up these two colours for the summer. I already had the blue but it was drying up so I picked up a another one to replace it.