February Glossy Box 

First Impressions


This months Glossy Box was Valentines Day themed. It came with a Wilkinson Sword Razor which looks pretty great so I will be saving this for my summer holiday as I only tend to buy cheap razors (plus I epilate so don’t really have the need for one). Next was an amazing hair mask from Naobay which is amazing! I used this at the weekend and the whole week my hair has been so manageable and soft compared to normal. I wash my hair everyday because of being in the pool but this mask has really helped it! There was also a cute pair of floral tweezers, but I tend to only use the one pair I’ve had since I started plucking my eye brows years ago. So I might not use these but they would make a nice present for someone. And next was a brown eye liner, I’ve never really tried a brown eyeliner before so I will be giving this ago. I also thought I could maybe fill my brows in with this depending on how dark it is on them. And lastly was a lip glaze from MUA and this actually has amazing colour as you can see above! Normally lip glosses are very sheer but this one has so much colour, plus I love a good purple lip! 

Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara Review 

First Impressions

This mascara has been floating around the beauty world for a while now and finally I got this for Christmas. I ended up buying it from Sephora and getting it shipped over which was cheaper than buying it over here. 

The packaging is so pretty and looks really high end, which it is. This is the first product from Too Faced I have tried and so far I am impressed. I love the colour of the tube and the texture of it as its metal. When you are using the wand the handal is heavier than my normal mascara and this makes it a little harder to use. 

The brush is very big, in comparison to why I normally use it is a lot wider. And because the brush is the same length along the whole of the brush it makes it a lot harder to get the outer corner eye lashes. 

The first time I tried this mascara I applie for straight to the lash and it took a while to build up the volume and length that I like. The second time I applied an eye lash primer and this was a lot better. The mascara definetly adds a lot more volume to your lashes but building up length is harder. 

Over all I really like the product and I will wear it on special occasions so I don’t waste it. 

Make Up Sponge Review

First Impressions


 I was watching some videos on YouTube and somehow I managed to end up on Kylie Jenners channel watching her make up routine. Her four action was applied using a beauty blender and I remembered I had a make up sponge which I hadn’t used yet. So I thought I would give it a go. 
I soaked the sponge in water and then squeezed it out. I put my foundation on my hand and then dabbed the sponge in it and then dabbed it onto my face. I was so surprised with how well it worked! I have always used my fingers to apply my foundation and thought that using a sponge wouldn’t work. Using the sponge made it ten times easier to apply and I didn’t need to rub it in to blend it. It blended all on its own and looked really natural. The only down side is the point end is still really big and hard to get precision for the under eye area. 

I think I would like to try buying a Beauty Blender or the Real Techniques sponge to test them all out. I won’t be going back to using my fingers, from now on I will be using a sponge to apply my foundation and concealor. 

First Impression: Kefalonia

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Greece has been on my list to go for ages! But it always seems when you really look forward going somewhere it’s not as good as you had imagined. Ofcourse the views are gorgeous so here are a few photos from my first night in Kefalonia. 



To start with the flight was really good (a little bumpy) but a lot quicker than we had been told. When we arrived at airport we departed the plane with 5 minutes of landing, and walked straight to security which was one man. And that again took around 2 minutes. Our bags arriving at luggage claim took the longest part of arrival but as soon as we got them we were directed straight to our coach. 

So, our holiday was booked through Thomsons (TUI Travel) and this has been my third year booking through them and I have to say each year has not lived up to the standards that we were told my the rep in the shop when we booked. In my opinion their not really bothered about what they are selling as long as they sell it. When we went to Tenerife 3 years ago we were told it had golden sands and the brochure shows golden sands, however the it was actually black sand. 

To continue with this holiday, we normally book a adults only holiday to avoid having children in the hotel as we work with them the rest of the year and the Thomsons reps assured us that even thought this was not an adults only holiday, it would have no children there because of its location and the fact they wouldn’t sell it as a family holiday. So far after a few hours of exploring the hotel I have seen 5 families, which fair enough the children might be better behaved than some of the adults, but the fact that we were told there would be none is not on. 

We were also told that there were a lot of shops nearby, the shops from our hotel room take about half an hour to walk. And there is not even a path for some of it so you end up walking on a dark bendy road. 

Our room is the main issue, as you may be aware islands are pretty hilly and hotels seem to be spread out. And of course our room has to be one of the furthest away from the main centre. We were told we would have a pool or sea view, and we can see the sea but there a dirt track and loads of bushes directly inform of us. So hopefully tomorrow we shall we packing up everything and moving closer to the main hotel and enjoying the holiday a bit more. 

Tonight we managed to make it in time for dinner after arriving, and we were really disappointed with the food aswell. There wasn’t a huge variety and not much quantity. Compared to other hotels we have stayed in the dinner was poor, and I will have to wait and see what breakfast is like tomorrow. 

I feel like I should be enjoying myself on holiday and relaxing but so far it hasn’t lived up to my expectations. And it’s not the hotels fault they only have what is provided, companies shouldn’t be selling false information which isn’t correct which then causes a lot of any customers. 

 I just feel I’ve payed so much money for this and have been working a lot to afford an expensive holiday and I don’t feel like it’s worth it yet. So hopefully tomorrow we will have a great day and my rant will be over! 


First Impressions: Maybelline Nudes Palette 

First Impressions

 This palette is very similar to a lot of other palettes I own but I couldn’t resist it as its been talked about so much since it was released. I think the colours are beautiful and it’s so much more compact than other palettes and as its not as expensive as Urban Decay it doesn’t matter to much if it’s gets broken or anything. The colours are really pretty and I will defiantly be turning to this palette when I get ready. 

First Impressions: Coastal Scents Revealed 3 palette 

First Impressions


I always see beauty gurus on YouTube talking about this brand so I decided to try it myself. I got this palette of Amazon for about £10. The one really disappointing thing is, one of the eye shadows had smashed.  


The colours remind me of the Naked 3 palette, as they are purpley and pink which I love on my eyes. And there are also the more natural neutral colours aswell which is great to have just in one palette.  


First Impressions: Primark Beauty 

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I hadn’t ever bothered looking at the make up section in Primark but I had seen some blog posts on it and people said it was better than you would have expected.  

First up are the tweezers, as soon as I saw these I knew they were just perfect for me, I love the design and colours. They are a perfect addiction to my make up bag for only £1.

Recently I have been buying a lot of lipsticks, so I thought why not try one from Primark. As it was only £1.50 I figured it was worth a try. The colour is really nice and creamy and the packaging reminds me of Maxfactor a bit. 
I don’t always do my eyebrows as I like them to look natural and sparse so I didnt wasn’t to spend a lot of brow products as I already have benefit Brownings. So this one is great for only £1 and the colour is really light which I always struggle to find as they always come out really dark on my brows.  

I love an eyeshadow pallette. I would much rather have a pallette rather than individual shadows. This one is £2.50, so far after swatching the colours they don’t have great colour pay off but that is kind of a good thing. I always struggle with blending and end up with too much colour on my brush and end up to dark, so I’m hoping this is a pallette which I can use to build up the eyeshadow.  
80p for nail varnish, so of course I got two. They are the shades Marshmallow and Tropic Sunset. These colours are perfect for summer with a tan so I will most probally be taking these on holiday with me.  

First Impressions: New Look Makeup 

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 I had never thought about buy make up from New Look until today, clothes shops have recently started really getting into selling their own make up lines and it’s great. I wouldn’t ever but my face products from there but I love there lip products and nail polishes.  

I picked up two nail polishes which were £2.99 which is a good price. I purely pick nail varnishes just if they look pretty and I have a thing for these types of colours. They are in the shades Purple and Blue Pattern. The purple is more of grey purple with darker tones and the blue is subtle glitter pieces.  

 This lipstick is going to be my favourite for a while! I didn’t really swatch it in the shop so I didn’t realise how much I loved it till I got home. The colour is just gorgeous and creamy. This was £3.99 in the shade Candy Pink. 

 Last up is a pink lip liner in the shade which was £.199. I always forget about lining my lips so I believe if I keep buying lip liners and have enough one day I will remember to wear it! 

I can’t wait to go back again and check out more of their lipsticks and get them in all different shades! 

Caudalie Tinted Moisturiser

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 Today I started using the AcneFree set I had and the spot fighting ingredients made my pores huge! I couldn’t wear foundation when they looked like that, so I took all my make up off and opted for tinted moisturiser. This was the first time I had used the Caudalie tinted moisturiser which I got in my Birchbox. I wasn’t sure how much coverage it would give and if it would last. I initially just put it in to go to Asda in then I would re access the situation and see if I could wear it for work. I work in hot environment (30degrees) so I normally wear long lasting foundations that don’t budge.  

 I was so impressed with the tinted moisturiser it was really good coverage and added a bit of colour to my face. It looked really good close up (better than the foundation did today) so I think I will be wearing it again. To give a little more coverage and to make my face matte I used my Rimmel Stay Matte Powder and then added some bronzer to complete my normal make up routine. 

It lasted the whole shift at work and just needed a little more powder on my t-zone. 

I have already looked into re-purchasing this again but it is £25+ so I will probably try and find a cheaper alternative. 


First Impression: Facial Cleansing Pad

First Impressions

I use my Clarisonic daily to wash my face but I’ve always wanted to try the Foreo Luna Cleansing Brush but the price has put me off. 

So when I was in Primark in Manchester and saw this little item I knew I had to buy it and give it a go. I finally got around to trying it out today and it was actually really good. 

It’s not as harsh as the Clarisonic but it still gets off all my make up and leaves my skin feeling fresh. 

So for £1.50 it’s worth a try!   


First Impression: Beauty Boxes

First Impressions

For a long time I have been wanting to sign up to a monthly subscription beauty box so last month I finally did. I signed up to Birchbox and You Beauty. 

  Above: Birchbox April edition. As this was the first box I received I didn’t really know what to expect but I was quite impressed with it. Getting trail sizes of products is idea for taking on holiday. 

In this box I received a Laura Mercier eye liner, Lola Barcelona nail polish, Number 4 leave in conditioner, Liz Earle cleanse and polish, Korres shower gel and Inner Me energise me tablets. 

Above: You Beauty Discovery Box was a lot cheaper than Birchbox but you got to pick what items you wanted. I picked two moisturisers from Deborah Mitchell and you can’t have enough of these to pack into your handbag. This box also came with flaxseeds which I have already eaten in my smoothies: 

Above: Mays Birchbox arrived with a lot of good products. There is a bronzer and blush duo from Jelly Pong Pong, a sea salt spray from Jeff Chastain, false nails from Wah London, face mask from Absolution and tinted moisturiser from Claudalie. 

Getting these boxes every month is great, it’s something to look forward and it’s a nice surprise to see what appears in your box!