Erborian Skin Hero first impressions | ad

I was very lucky to receive some new Erborian goodies featuring a few of their classics and their newest launch, the Skin Hero.

Skin Hero is a brand new skincare makeup hybrid designed to work as a non-tinted bare skin perfector which smoothed abs refines the skins texture in 7 days! Over the seven days of using your skin texture and quality will improve which sounds fantastic!

Due to the times we now live in, wearing a mask every day, I think being confident in your skin with no make up on is so important because we all know make up and masks are just not a great combination.

Inside the formula are exfoliating enzymes which help the turn over of your skin and give it the refreshed look whilst illuminating and plumping your skin.

I can’t wait to try this out and see how it works for my skin, make sure you head over to my Instagram to stay updated about my progress.

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