Refy Brow Sculpt Review

So this is one of those products you didn’t realise you were missing until it came along, much like a lot of people I missed the initial launch of Refy and sat waiting for restock in order to get my hands on one specific product, Brow Sculpt.

Since the first lockdown my brows took on a life of their own and have become the biggest and bushiest they have ever been, I was heavily influenced by everyone on Instagram doing ‘soap brows’ and I followed along with the trend and shall never stop, much to some of friends dismay.

I started my big brow journey by using a a tiny soap in a tin which I ordered from eBay, once that ran out I decided to try Pears soap, at a ridiculous cheap price it was a much better option. With using soap comes the hassle of having to use a setting spray to wet the soap in order to brush up your brows, which is fine, I mean I love the look it gives. But then Refy came along with Brow Sculpt and it just looked like the ultimate product and it is!

The packaging is super sleek and it doesn’t seem like it’s going to get ruined from being in your make up bag all the time.

The actually gel type product itself is life changing, I have not even looked into what the gel is actually made of but to me it’s like apply an amazing make up glue to your brows which creates the perfect spiked up brow.

The gel applies white and then once it dries it becomes clear. Much like using a soap to create the brushed up look it does budge throughout the day. I always found that using just a normal brow gel, my brows would have no life to them by the end of the day and look like I had done nothing to them. But the Brow Sculpt actually stays in place and hardens making it impossible to have a hair out of place until your wash your face!

On the opposite side of the brow wand with the product, if you pull up the lid there is a little brow brush which I actually hadn’t realised until I saw someone use it on Instagram so I was pleasantly surprised!

I would 1000% recommend this product if you like the whole brushed up brow effect as it just makes the process so quick and easy! Unfortunately it always sells out so quick because it is so popular so you have to be on your a game in order to get your hands on it!

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