Doing my own polygel nails at home

In December 2020 I was very kindly sent an advent calendar* from Madam Glam containing a huge selection of products in order to do gel nails at home. I have tried out pretty much all the gel polishes, but the polygel I had yet to try, so I figured whilst I have the time I would give them a go. I am on no way a nail technician, I have literally watched 30 second videos on Instagram and taken it from there.

In order to do your own polygel nails at home you will need:

  • An LED lamp
  • Polygel
  • A base coat
  • Electric nail file
  • Nail file
  • Nail polish remover & cotton pad
  • A small brush
  • Clear false nails

I was very lucky to have been sent all of these along with a variety of different polygel to use, for these nails as I was new to it I decided to just use the clear one.

The method

1. I started off my prepping my nail (doing one at a time) by wiping it over with nail polish remover to get rid of any oils, and then I applied and set my base coat.

2. Next, you will need to pick a false nail which fits perfectly on your nail and your going to apply the poly gel to the nail and then use yours small brush to spread it as evenly as possible.

3. Place the nail with the polygel onto your nail, ensuring it covers the whole nail and then gently hold it in place whilst your look at the underneath and spread any excess gel out towards the tip.

4. Set the nail for 1 minute. Once this is done you will need to carefully but forceful wiggle the nail from side to side to gently raise the false nail from the poly gel. No need to throw the nail out as you can use it again.

5. Once you have done this you put it back under the lamp if it is still not completely hard. Next you will want to cut the nail to the desired length and file it to the shape you want. If you have an electric file you may want to file the underside of the nail if it has gone a bit too thick.

My experience was a pretty positive one, I sat down and took the time to get them right and took it step by step. I would say the hardest thing I find is finding the right amount of polygel to apply, I am ending up with really thick tips which my electric nail file can’t remove.

Here are my nails just with the poly gel on, as you can see the gel is completely smooth across the top and they were really easy to get into my desired shape.

I think this is a skill which does require a lot of practice, the more you do it and the more videos you watch the better they will look. I find it really satisfying to be able to do my own nails knowing that I have spent the time working on them and getting them to the best they can be.

*previous pr product

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