Madam Glam Gel Polish review | ad

Towards the end of 2020 Madam Glam reached out and asked me to feature their gel polishes on my feed, little did I know I would end up with loads of amazing colours to try out!

I started doing my own gel nails again during the first lockdown, and like everyone else I wanted to do it on a budget so I ended up ordering loads of shades from eBay and Amazon. Of course, these weren’t the best quality as you get what you pay for.

When Madam Glam reached out I knew I wanted to try them, I could really do with finding a brand which actually lasted, had a variety of different shades and were of great quality. And that is exactly what I got!

After my initial post with Madam Glam on Instagram, they asked to send me their advent calendar which was literally amazing, it was packed full of amazing gels, full size and minis and anything else I could want to do my own nails at home.

As my nails are quite short and will not grow no matter how many supplements I take, I tend to mainly use stick on nails and create my own designs. Having the huge variety of shades and styles from Madam Glam meant I was able to try out loads of different looks.

However, that’s great that they work on false nails, but how about natural nails? When I want a break from having fancy nails, I always like to have a gel on them to make them stronger or they just break. In the past when I’ve used cheaper brands the gel will peel off after a day, if not before, however, with Madam Glam the gel actually lasts!

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not lasting week, mainly because I’m a picker and peeler and get satisfaction about picking off gel (yes I know it’s bad) but these actually last and take a lot more effort to remove.

They also have such a huge variety of shades on their website, and a lot of different finishes, along with temperature changing which everyone loves!

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