Hollywood Brow Saviour | ad

Today I shall be sharing my thoughts on the brand Hollywood Browzer, even before I was an ambassador for this brand I was using this type of hair removal on my face. What is great about the Hollywood Browzer is how versatile each product is. The first product I ever tried from them was the traditional Browzer, as a derma-planning product it is designed to remove facial hair, such as peach fuzz which makes your make up go on smoother.

I have never tried it on my whole face as I’m still so worried about it coming back hairier even though it will not! I started using the Browzer on my upper lip, to get rid of the dark thick hairs which grow there. When the hairs grow back they are no thicker, and there are not any more than what I started with.

It’s such a handy little tool to have in your make up bag to use once a week to tidy up any unwanted hair you have.

The second product I received from them was the Hollywood Brow Perfector which is specifically designed for your brows, it has the razor on one end and a spooley on the other making it amazing! I find this one much easier to use for my brows as the blade is much smaller making it much more precise. I also find that the size of this blade is perfect for sorting out the uni-brow!

I find them such a great addition as they are completely pain free, which is such an added bonus!

If you fancy getting your hands on one I have a discount code for you, use VICTORIA20298 for 20% off your order!

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