Cosy loungewear haul | Femmeluxe ad

Today’s blogpost is all about the loungewear pieces which you need to have in your wardrobe, lockdown or not I think we all have decided that loungewear is now the more comfortable clothing around.

Who would have thought a year later we are still stuck at home, not wearing our normal day to clothes, for some this has meant stocking up on the cutest loungewear. That person is me. Femmeluxe have sent me three wonderful loungewear items to add to my ever growing collection!

Pink Ribbed Belted Loungewear Set – Asia

First up we have gorgeous pink co-ord, I think this one is my favourite of the three as the colour is just perfect for me. This set is also super stretchy and not restricting at all which is so nice when your lounging around at home all day and every day.

Ribbed loungewear is super cute at the moment and I would totally wear this out if the house, it’s on the thinner side of material so I may wait until it’s warmed up a little. They stop had a little belt to tie round your waist and has really cute slits in the sleeves making it that little more more on the dressier side of loungewear.

Next up are two more robust lounge wear sets, I love a matching set, I think they look really cute and well put together. The cream shade I think looks fantastic and looks really high end and is again something which would look cute worn out on a walk. The material of this is super soft and thick making it lovely and warm for the winter months, especially if your sat at a desk working all day.

Lastly is this grey set which is the same as the cream on, although I did find this one a little less stretchy. This grey one is just such a classic piece and a staple you need in your wardrobe.

It’s so nice being able to wake up and put on a matching loungewear set and instantly feel like you have your life together and not have to worry about looking like a slob around the house.

The Femmeluxe website has literally hundreds of amazing loungewear pieces, and in a such a great variety of colours. The lilac pieces are calling my names!

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