Chanel Les Beige, is it worth the hype?

In today’s post we shall all sit and admire the beauty which is the Chanel Les Beige cream bronzer, but seriously I have lusted after this bronzer for the longest time and it was such a huge decision on wether or not to spend the money on it. So let’s get into it…

If your buying Chanel I would fully recommend (if the shops are open) going into a store and purchasing it in person as it makes the whole experience a lot more magical. I bought my bronzer in Selfridges, just before Christmas and it was so lovely feeling like I was one of the boujee customers than can afford something this expensive.

Is it just me, or when you get a new product you do not want to use it because you don’t want to ruin its perfectness. I had this stored inside my make up bag for what seemed like ages before I finally allowed myself to use it, and you know where I was going, to work, but hey, at-least I felt on top of the world.

For £42 it is pretty expensive and certainly one of the more expensive products I own, but I had seen everyone use it and I just had to own it. The product is actually a lot bigger than your traditional cream bronzer which does make it worth the price in my eyes. I did end up doing a lot of research into if I really needed it and if I would actually use it enough and from what I was told, it would last me ages!

The actual cream bronzer is just perfect, for my skin tone I could not ask for a better shade. The texture is super creamy, making it easy to blend and easy to build up. Since I started using it, I have not stopped.

If your thinking about buying this, I would really recommend it. It’s something you didn’t realise you needed until you got it. I guarantee this will be a staple in my make up for the coming months, if not years!

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