Estrid Razor Unboxing | ad

Today’s blogpost is in collaboration with the first Scandinavia’s first razor brand made specifically for women and I am super excited to show you everything which they have sent me to review!

If your anything like me and spend 99.999% of your time on social media then you have seen and heard of the brand HeyEstrid, they seem to have picked the perfect marketing strategies along with the perfect product which we all need.

I used to be an avid shaver as I spent most days in and out of a swimming pool and wanted the perfect hair free smooth skin, however that’s not so much the case. I have tried a variety of hair removal, from waxing which I don’t have the pain threshold for, the same with epilating, and now I am currently doing my own laser hair removal at home. But I still need to shave inbetween sessions and what better way to do it than with a pretty razor.

Estrid is vegan and cruelty free and especially designed for women!

Not only is the razor super cute and perfect to have on display anywhere, the packaging everything comes in is super stylish and perfect too! When you open the box there is a quote on the inside which adds a really personal touch to the packaging. Inside the box you will find a little paper pouch which contains your goodies.

This box is the starter kit which is a total of £7.95 which is such a great price for what you get. The handle which is made from steel will last and last making it super durable and a great staple for your shower routine. You get two cartridges of blades, which have five blades which are surrounded with a lubricating strip of aloe Vera, cocoa butter, shea butter and jojoba seed oil to moisturise and nourish your skin.

The starter pack also comes with a little wall suction so you can attach yourself razor to a mirror or a bathroom wall to keep on display, because your going to want to do that!

Estrid also do little travel cases which you can purchase for £5.95, they are made of silicone and once were allowed to travel they will be great for taking tour razor on holiday with you.

I really like the feel of the razor as it feels weightier than a generic store bought razor which makes it less likely to drop it. It also has a rubber strip on the back as-well to give you better grip.

So your probably thinking “but what happens when I need a new cartridge”, well, they have a subscription service which you pay £9.95 for four more cartridges, you pick when and how often you want it delivered, you can skip months too! Making this super customisable!

They also do lots of other body care items such as shaving creams, oils and moisturisers so this is such a fab brand to check out!

Thank you reading, let me know if you pick one up!

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