Where I’ve been…

Welcome back, it’s been a while but I finally have decided to restart up the ol’ blog again and let my creative side flourish not only on Instagram but here too.

Since I’ve last written a post we have began a new year, so far I can’t say that 2021 is any better than 2020 but here’s to hoping it is. I also turn 30, which I am still in denial about because I do not feel it at all! I’m still 18 at heart and refuse to believe otherwise.

I also managed to contract COVID-19 a week after my birthday due to being a key worker, even though I’m only in work once a week I sure did a good job at brining covid home and giving it to my whole family.

I plan on hopefully keeping up the blogging from now on and keep it up regularly as I feel it is a good way to keep my entertained being at home!

So stay tuned for all my up coming content, and be sure to follow me over on Instagram here.

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