The sweater vest trend | ad

Today’s post features one of the latest trends I am seeing all over Instagram at the moment, the sweater vests. Femme Luxe gifted me these two vests so I could try them out and see how I felt about them. They had two options to chose from, so I got both as you do. As far as price goes, these are both under £20 which is a pretty fair price. They feel really good quality and are nice and thick.

The difference between the two vests is the combination of the print, out of the two I actually prefer the whiter version. However, I would like to style both of them with just black dresses and see how they look then (however my black dress is in the wash, so cute colourful dresses it is for now). Of course most people seem to be styling them with a white over sized shirt but I don’t have one in my wardrobe (yet).

I really like the way the shoulder is a little bit oversized and hangs over the top of my arms. I also think this would look really cute statement piece of an outfit with leather look leggings, a white shirt as it will add a whole new dimension to the outfit.

I have rolled up both of the vests to make them more cropped as I found them looked less flattering full length. The only thing I would change about these is the size. I like my jumpers to be oversized, where as these are a lot more fitted as they are a m/l.

You can the exact sweater vest by following this link to the black and white vest or this link to the white and black vest. Check out the Femme Luxe website where you will also find loads of other amazing pieces of clothing.

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