The newest additions to my skincare routine ft. Bioderma (AD)

Autumn is here, so it’s time to step up my skincare routine and incorporate some hydrating products. I was recently sent some products from Bioderma to try out they have many different ranges for all types of skincare, but as it’s approaching winter and my skin gets dry I opted for the hydrating range.

I was sent four products to try out, the first is a make up remover which is absolutely perfect after a long day at work to use as the first step of make up removal (with reusable cotton pads of course). This works so well and makes removing make up so easy.

Next up is a serum, and let me tell you, I am a serum addict. I have way too many! But this one feels so hydrating and gentle on my skin and I can just feel that it’s not going to break me out. The smell is another amazing thing about this range, it smells so fresh and relaxing making it feel like a really luxury product.

Face masks are my absolute weakness, I see one, I want it, I got it. This is a moisturising mask which I have been using after the serum and before my moisturiser. I like to apple a thick layer and let it sink in. It literally makes my skin feel amazing!

Finally, the moisturiser is one of the thickest I have ever used! This is going to be great for use in the thick of winter when you want to dose your skin with moisture. Once again this smells amazing and leaves you feeling like you have make such a huge effort with you skincare.

I have really loved adding Bioderma to my routine and look forward to carrying on using it! If you need a hydrating skincare routine, look no further!

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