My fluffy brow routine

Since the start of lockdown I have upped by brow routine, I had started trying to grow them out just before and now I think I have a pretty good base to create a fluffy bold brow. My brow inspiration has to go to the wonderful beautiful Sophie Milner who you can find here .

I have not had anything done to my brows professionally since last year, and that was only a wax and tint but I didn’t like how they looked afterwards. To keep my brows a little bit tamed I sometimes do pluck any hairs which are really in the wrong place, or I use my Hollywood Browzer to shape the tops. I never trim them with scissors as I like them to be long.

Once I have sorted out the hairs I do tint them every so often, more so when I remover and wonder why they don’t look good anymore. I use a black dye which is a little bit bold, but I literally only leave it on for a couple of minutes before I remove it. However I will try the dark brown next time to see how that looks.

When it comes to applying make up to my brows I start my brushing them upwards so I can see the shape I want, I bought a pack of little pink spooleys from Ebay really cheap and they work perfectly. I have then been loving the Maybelline Tattoo Brow which I bought by accident. But omg, I am so glad I did, it creates such a natural look and your able to fill your brows in so easy. I fill my brows in by following the direction of the hair, which is upwards, this way it just fills in any gaps and still looks pretty natural.

I then use a brow soap, I have recently just upgraded from an Ebay version to the Make up Revolution one which comes with its own little tooth brush. I use a primer spray to wet my brush and gently rub the brush onto the soap so it picks some up.

I then brush my brows upwards into the style I want, and then I also brush the hairs in the opposite direction to create a bit more volume and give it extra hold before brushing them back to how I want them to stay.

Before using soap I found my brows would literally not set and stay in place, this is the only way that actually works for me and I love the look of it. I know it’s not everyone’s cup of tea but I love my brows xx

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