A morning in the lavender 🌾

Every year I love going to visit the lavender fields, even this summer. Whilst most places are still closed, it’s so nice to see the lavender fields still open and complying to social distancing and still able to support themselves.

I go to Hitchin Lavender which I will the details for below at the end of this post incase you want to check it out yourself.

This year was a little different to previous years as we were not able to just turn up on the day, tickets needed to be pre booked (which we just did the day before and there were plenty of tickets left) and you cannot pick any lavender. The lack of picking actually makes it such a nicer experience and it looks more amazing in photos as there are no bare patches.

We went as soon as it opened, out time slot was 9 – 11 so it was really quiet and it was so easy to take photos and not get anyone in them which is the dream. There were hand sanitising stations at the entrance/exit and the toilets were lifted out with sanitizer too.

The smell off the lavender this year was much more noticeable than before and this made it such a pleasant experience. Being able to walk up and down the rows of lavender, hearing the bees buzzing (although it is rather scary walking through the lavender worrying about being stung).

They have a little take away shop which sells drinks and amazing cakes, along with some lavender goodies and there are lots of benches to sit on and enjoy your view.

Here is the website so you can go and check it out yourself for a beautiful few hours surrounded by lavender and bees xx

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