Travelling during COVID-19

If you would of told me at the start of lockdown I would be writing this blogpost I would not believe you, I was dead set on not going on holiday this because of COVID-19 but here we are.

My initial holiday to Zante was cancelled and we have rebooked to next year, but a few weeks into July we decided that we may as well go away as the borders were open. So off we went and booked to go to Corfu in August for a week.

Leading up to the holiday was tense and I just had to assume that it was going to be cancelled and expect the worse, even the morning of the flight I was still sceptical. It wasn’t until I was in a taxi on the way to the hotel in Corfu that I got all emotional because we actually made it.

The airport

We flew from London Luton Airport, we got there 3 1/2 hours before our flight as we had to check bags and didn’t know what the queue situation would be. It was really quiet, everyone was wearing masks and everyone was respectful of distance. The EasyJet staff were really helpful and efficient and the only thing I would say is, they should have a hand sanitiser station when you do the check in yourself on the machines as everyone is touching the screens.

The queue for security was much better than on a normal non pandemic day, it was constantly flowing and everyone once again kept their distance. When we were through the other side to the gates lots of seats were out of order due to social distancing but there were still plenty of places to sit and not be around anyone which was great. There were lots of hand sanitisers dotted all over the place.

Boarding the plane

This has to be one of the most pleasant boarding experiences ever! We were in a moving queue, we walked straight onto the plane and found our seats. I was so glad when the man and child sat on my row pulled out their antibacterial wipes and wiped their area as I knew I would be fine with them next to me. Everyone kept their masks on apart from eating and drinking and there wasn’t queues for toilets are you could only go if one other person was up as they didn’t want people gathering in the one area.

Once we got to Corfu airport we walked straight off the plane into a waiting area, but people still kept masks on and kept their distance. Before you fly you have to fill out a form from the Greek government which they then want to see once you’ve gone through passport control. We were not tested at all and I didn’t notice anyone get pulled aside to be tested.

The hotel

The hotel was amazing, it was a 5 star beautiful hotel in the middle of nowhere down a dirt track. The staff were great and wanted to do everything they could to make you have the best holiday. They wore masks on reception but insisted we did not need to wear them (however that changed by the end of the week and you needed to wear them if you were talking to reception).

We did not need to wear masks at all around the hotel, although we took an abundance of gloves and masks we needed none of them, but better to be safe than sorry.

The rooms were all thoroughly cleaned and once they had been disinfected and were ready for guests the had a sticker put in the door to day it was clean.

The dining room was all spaced out and were were never close to anyone, there was inside and outdoor seating with hand sanitiser at every door. You were not allowed to pick any food up yourself, it was all done by the staff so it was completely safe.

The only time we had to wear masks was in local shops (and some tourists still didn’t) and on transport. So to be honest it was actually a pretty normal holiday to say the least.

Let me know if you have any questions xx

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