Behind the scenes of Instagram photos | Indoors

In todays post I thought I would share how I set up and take my photos as I have had a few questions about this and people are interested to see how I take them.

The majority of my indoor photos I take myself (unless I am actually fully in the frame), this means that I can choose when, where and how I take them.
I find that I am actually only motivated to take photos on certain days, some days I have no creativity or motivation to make it happen. Other days I am craving taking photos and get really excited to shoot.

A lot of the time I look for some photo inspiration on instagram and end up saving photos which inspire me, I use these as an idea for my photos. I have an album saved on instagram full of photos which I love. 

I take three different types of photos, the leg photo on my bed, the typical white wooden background and my bedside table. These three are my go-to and I love the fact this creates continuity on my feed.

The bedside table one is pretty easy, well they all are, I just have a pretty cute set up all the time which is practical but also good for photos. I have a sheet of wallpaper wedged behind the metal basket to create a different background, instead of just a plain pink wall. These photos I can only really take when the lighting is bright as its quite far away from my window so its hard to get bright light. I find this just a really nice way to lay out products and be able to get some nice shots of them, close up and as a whole on the table.

The next style of photo is the typical blogger style flat lay, I love this style so much and it’s my go to for lots of different photos. I asked my grandad to create the wooden background for me as I knew how I wanted it. I love the white wood effect in photos as it creates such a clean look. I also think, just looking at one of my photos you wouldn’t think that it was just a plank of wood sat on my bed.

And the final way is the bed photo, I like to do this one when I am holding a product and can hold the camera over my legs and get the shot that way. To do this I have literally just bought a white sheet from Amazon ad lay it on my bed to give it the effect of the typical ‘bloggers’ bed. Lets face it, I’m really accident prone, and anything I can spill on my bed I will, so white sheets are not practical for me, so this is the only way round it for me. 

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