Ways to combat that Sunday night feeling

Over the past few months, the typical Sunday night thought of “it’s Monday tomorrow” has been looming over me. I have developed my own coping tactics on Sunday afternoon/evening to help distract me and get me ready for the week ahead.

To start with, I have made Sunday my ‘Pamper Day’. I have a full on pamper, multiple face masks, foot masks, gel nails hair masks and just anything else which I could pamper myself with. As a few of these things are quite practical, I find it quite helpful as it keeps me busy and prevents my mind from wandering.

I like to get everything ready for the morning, I get my lunch ready, my bag ready and get out my outfit so it is ready and I’m not left faffing around when it gets to 8am.

I also find that having a clean room is also great, I tidy up, pack everything away and make sure everything is organised. I find organising very therapeutic so this is great when I am feeling on the stressed/anxious side of things.

I also like to make sure I’ve got something good to watch to wind down at the end of the afternoon evening. I am a Youtube addict so that can keep me occupied for hours, but I also find watching a series can be pretty good. I do find it hard to get fully invested in shows, so when I find one I like it do tend to binge watch, my go to show at the moment is The Purge!

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