New In: Beauty

I get sent a fair few bits of skincare each month so I thought that I could do a post to round up all the products I’ve been sent recently an give my first impressions on them.

I was very kindly sent three face masks from Image Skincare, I received the Vital C mask which is good for hydration and extra vitamins, it contains natural enzymes which help exfoliate your skin to promote healthy looking skin. The Ageless mask which is a gentle peel, this exfoliates the skin and removes dead skincells aswell as reduces dark spots and fine lines. And lastly, the Ormedic mask which is a gel based mask to soothe and cool your skin with antioxidants and increase the moisture within your skin.

Revlon sent me the Colour Stay Foundation to be part of their Instagram campaign about ‘what bold moments is life throwing at you right now’. This foundation now contains salicylic acid which is amazing as it is a spot fighting ingredient plus it also contains an SPF.

My Beauty & Go have sent me their 28 day Skin Detox programme to complete, so I now have a months supply of green drinks to get down me!


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