My winter skincare routine

I always find just as I get into the swing of a skincare routine, I end up trying out new products and incorporating them and there fore creating a whole routine without even noticing. But here are my current go to products at the minute…

To remove my make up I have been using the Superdrug Hot Cloth Cleanser, I find this really good at completely removing my makeup ready for cleanser. The cleanser I have been using for the past few weeks in the Neutrogena Hydro Boots Water Gel, I find this really calming for my skin as hydrates rather that drying out your skin with harsh soap.

My current favourite face mask is from Coolmethics, I picked this is for around £5 from TKMAXX, I love checking out their stores to see what new skincare there is for me to try. I like this one as the clay doesn’t dry and make my face feel like it is going to shatter in a thousand pieces.

My go to toner is of course the Glow Tonic from Pixi Beauty, I love a good exfoliating toner so this one is perfect for my skin especially in the winter.

I also find that using Lactic Acid has helped a lot with my spots and over texture of my skin, the one I have been using for a few years now is from The Ordinary.

And lastly to finish I use a very hydrating over night mask from Glossier, the Moon Mask. This one if super thick and hydrating and leaves my skin feeling amazing in the morning!

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