Winter Holiday Prep

Before going on holiday I love to have a big pamper session to prep myself for the journey and time away. The night before a trip is normally the time for all of this to happen, nails, skincare, hair and tan.


To prep my skin I like to make sure I use a really good exfoliator so that my skin is as fresh as it can be, I also find this is a good way of reducing breakouts whilst being away. I like to use The Body Shop Resurfacing Peel to remove any loose skin.

I then go in with a detoxifying face mask to make sure all the impurities are being removed from skin, my go to one at the minute is from Cosmedix and it the Detox Activated Charcoal Mask. 


Before a holiday I like to just make sure my legs are hair free, so I’ll spend about 5 minutes epiliating each leg and then I will cover myself in fake tan to make myself feel more human. My favourite tans are from Rimmel and Norvell.


I like to do fresh gel nails the day before going on holiday so they look picture ready, I find using gel rather than normal polish lasts so much longer and looks nicer as it doesn’t get chipped. 

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