Five Things That Help Me When Anxiety Strikes

I’ve kept my struggles with anxiety and depression well hidden from anyone who is not close to me, that being said, I even hid it from all my family for years, and its only in the past 3 months I’ve opened up about it and asked for help. It’s one of the worst things I’ve ever dealt with and still deal with on a daily basis, everyday is a fight with myself to try and see the good during the day and not let the ‘bad’ take control.

But of course, the bad does take control, at the minute whilst I am writing this I am currently off work for two days because I am unable to cope there and do my job, because MY mind wont let me. I don’t particularly understand why and I am trying to find ways of coping with all of this healthily but it’s hard, and if your going through it or have gone through it then you know how it feels. 

I don’t want to go into much more detail about any of this because I’m not sure how much I can share, but I wanted to share some ways I am trying to cope with the anxiety side, and how I try and calm myself when anxiety has taken over.

Having a bath

Not everyone will have the luxury of being able to have a bath, I sure don’t, their expensive and their pretty much a treat. But I know if I really am struggling then a bath will help me relax, I love to lay in a hot bath covered in bubbles watching some Youtube videos trying to take my mind of off everything that is causing me to feel the way I do.


I have recently started colouring when I feel stressed, anxious or happy, this way I am not only associating colour with negative thoughts. Sometimes I do find it makes my anxiety worse because I try and complete the page no matter how much I have left and it makes me feel worse than when I started, but in the most part I think it is helping. It also allows you to have something to show for that day, something positive to look back on. 


I have used my blog today as a huge distraction, being able to write this post and share a little about myself has helped reduce my symptoms slightly, I also think that if I am not at work being productive, I have to be doing something equally productive at home. I may not be well enough today or tomorrow to be at my job and be around people, but being able to type away has really helped. 


I get told all the time “go to the gym” “you need to do exercise” “it will make you happy”, but I don’t have the motivation or energy to go to the gym or exercise. However the one thing I am managing to do every weekend is go on a dog walk with my friend and her two huskies. We walk about 6-7 miles each walk, and it’s just great being out in nature and being free from being surrounded by four walls. 

Get cosy & Warm

When I’m overly anxious I just want to be wrapped up and warm snuggling in bed under all my blankets with my hot water bottle. This helps soothe my anxiety and calm my physical symptoms down. Of course a hot chocolate would also be a great addition!

 Let me know how you deal with anxiety in the comments or message me on instagram @toriiitoriii

Thanks for reading xx

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