Lost in the sunflowers

How is summer pretty much over, the past 6 weeks of my holidays actually seem like the longest 6 weeks ever, I’ve done so much, had so much fun and really enjoyed my summer.

I am lucky enough to live really close to a sunflower field, so I took a visit (well 2 visits) there to get some snaps before summer disappeared.

The field was huge and there were so many sunflowers which meant it was great for plenty of photo opportunities!

My shorts are originally from New Look but I picked these up from a charity shop for only £3! I have been loving buying bargains, either from car boots or charity shops, it makes shopping so much more interesting and satisfying as you have to search to find the hidden gems.

The top is from Shein.com and was less than £10 and I have got so much wear out of it this summer!


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