3 things to do on a sunny Sunday

Happy Sunday, ironically I’m sitting writing this on a day where it has been miserable and currently raining, so hopefully the weather does get amazing again so we can all enjoy the sunshine for a little bit longer.

Picnic Party

Having a picnic is a super fun and spur of the moment thing to do, just a quick trip to Asda to pick up some yummy food and find a nice little bit of grass to sit on. You could even do this in your own garden! I made my picnic super cute just by using decor from my room, and I got super cute snaps because my friend Daisy is an amazing photographer! Although, do remember if it is a really hot day, your food will either melt or get really warm, we found out the hard way with warm yoghurt and melted cheese strings!

Visit the sunflower fields

If you follow me over on Instagram you will know how obsessed I have been with visiting sunflower fields this year, I’ve been twice already and plan on going at least 3 more times before summer is up! Google sunflower fields where you live and I’m sure some locations will pop up. Walking around the fields filled with sunflowers is a supper cute way to spend any day of the week, especially Sundays. A lot of the time for a small price you’ll be able to pick your own sunflower and take it home with you.

Visit a new place

Go somewhere you haven’t been and explore, go with no expectations and enjoy having a look around and taking in the new sites. This could be anywhere, it could be a town, a city, a garden centre, a park, a lake, the ideas are endless.

Let me know how you like to spend your sunny Sunday’s xx

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