Happy Healthy Hair

In May I was given the opportunity to try out the Lydia Hair Supplement which promotes healthy strong and longer hair.
I feel like for the purpose of photos and Instagram, my hair is my life, I always feel so much more confident when my hair is down and looking healthy, this supplement has helped promote the healthiness of my hair in just over a month.

My Hair

My haircare routine is pretty simple compared to my 10 step skincare routine every evening, for my hair I simply wash, condition and put an oil in. I rarely dry or style my hair, I just let it air dry naturally (like in these photos). I have found that since I stopped using straighteners the ends of my hair have been so much more healthier and have less breakage.
My hair is bleached, but I literally get that done once a year so the damage is minimal and when I do the bleach doesn’t go on the ends, just on the roots.  

The Product

I was sent a one month supply of the supplement, when I first read the flavour of the it I was a bit put off, orange & carrot flower, but actually it tastes just like orange squash. I have been using it as squash, after my dinner I mix it two cap fulls with water and drink it.
The main ingredients which promote healthy hair are biotin, zinc, millet extract & MSM and so many more amazing vitamins. I definitely do not get my daily allowance of vitamins from food so I am really grateful to be able support my hair (and skin) by using this supplement.

There is only one down side, it smells! If it gets on the bottle, or stains anything then you will be able to smell it and it does not smell pleasant! So just make sure you don’t spill, I have been drinking it in my bedroom so it would probably be wise to make your drink in the kitchen where smells don’t matter!

The End Result

I think the supplement has definitely helped support my hair growth and nourishment, it feels a lot softer and a lot easier to manage especially after washing.
I would love to see the effects after taking it for a few more months as I am sure it would increase growth, but as we know all these vitamins and minerals take a while to get into your system so I could still see the benefits even after I stop taking the supplement.

Lydia’s Hair Supplement  1.5 month supply is £27

Thanks for reading xx



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