Garnier sent me a package full of goodies…

Last week I had a bit of a surreal moment, I received an email from a Garnier employee asking if they could have my address so they could add me to their mailing list for future launches, they also asked if there was anything I really wanted to try! As a face mask addict I ofcourse just said “I love facemasks”.

A week went by and a pretty heavy box landed on my door step, when I opened it and saw it was Garnier I actually felt like crying, it felt so amazing to have a brand that I love and use actually acknowledge me and send me a box full of their products.

As you can see from the photos above they really did treat me and I am beyond thank you for everything they have sent!

The main product that I use by Garnier is their sheet masks, the fact that I have now been sent another five to add to my collection is wonderful, I am especially looking forward to using the ‘after sun mask’ when I go on holiday as this just seems perfect for treating your skin after a week in the sun.

Apart from the sheet masks every thing else is new to me so I am really excited to try it ALL!

A big thank you once again to Garnier and I’m sure you will be seeing these in my upcoming skincare routine!

Thanks for reading xx

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