Peggy Porchens…again

Hello again, it has been quite a while it seems but today I thought I would share some photos from my third time at Peggy Porchens from May half term. 
Initially Peggy’s wasn’t on the list of places to go that day, Elan Cafe was, but we went, sat down and I just really didn’t like it in there. So we got up left and walked to Peggy’s. 
Luckily there was no queue so we only had to wait about 10 minutes in order to get a seat outside. 

The longest was waiting for our order as they seemed to had forgotten about us and left us sat there for half an hour before we finally got out food. By food I of-course mean cake, cake and more cake. 

As it was my third time I thought I should switch up my order from the red velvet cupcake and I tried the cookies and cream cupcake, this was a good decision! I can safely say it tasted better than the red velvet, plus it had an oreo inside the cake. I also decided to have an iced coffee. 

I was also super excited to go to Peggy’s to see the new summer display, this display is definitely my favourite one so far with all the pretty hanging flowers and I just love the way my photos have turned out this time!

Thanks for reading xx

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