Glossier Solution First Impressions

I finally convinced myself that it was acceptable to spend £19 on just one bottle of product, this being said it is supposed to be the skincare saviour we have all been waiting for.

Glossier Solution is a chemical exfoliant containing a variety of acids which are designed  to reduce redness, blemishes and pore size when used daily.

I was a little sceptical about how great it was going to be, but after seeing so many before and after photos I decided I would give it ago, after all if it doesn’t work for me then I won’t need to repurchase it. I absolutely love the way it comes packages, it looks so cute and chic and really high end. The bottle itself is so Glossier, pink, shimmer and just over all cuteness made even cuter by the stickers.

I am finding that I am having issues with the push down top applicator, it seems to squirt out not on my cotton round and I end up wasting some near enough every night which makes me sad!

With regards to the solution itself, I did find that after about a week of using it I did notice a difference in my skin. I wouldn’t say my skin looks amazing, but it does look a lot more smoother, glowier and healthier. I still get quite a lot of spots, which I am hoping will start to decrease over time using Solution and I am hoping that my scars will start to fade. I can definitely see a difference on my nose, I suffer quite bad with blackheads there and I have been trying to get rid of them for a while using other toners, but I can clearly see that they have reduced now after using Solution for a few weeks.

I have also noticed a huge difference in the texture of my skin when it comes to applying foundation, my foundation applies so much easier and sits a lot better on my skin.

I use Solution every evening after cleansing, I apply a few pumps on a cotton round and swipe it over my face making sure to focus on my nose and cheeks where I have spots and blackheads. Once Solution has soaked in and done it’s work my face feels really tacky and dry so I always follow up with an oil to make my skin soft and hydrated again.

I am still really holding out hope for Solution, I hope that in a months time I wont recognise my skin and I’ll be able to go out with no foundation on but until then, I keep pursuing my routine.

Have you tried out Solution? Let me know what you think.

Victoria xx

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