How to have a productive morning / working from home

Being productive in the morning may not come easier to the majority of us, some days I really struggle and can’t get out of bed, some days I’m up early and ready for the day ahead. Here are some ideas of how to make the most out your morning and get your day going…

No Snoozing

If I’m getting up, I have to get up, I feel like snoozing makes me 10x more tired and sets me up for a bad day ahead, so when my alarm goes off I’m up! There’s nothing worse than having to rush around in the morning, so allowing yourself an extra 10 minutes in bed snoozing your alarm creates a lot more stress for you. If you really are struggling ton get up in the mornings then going to bed earlier would be more beneficial.

Get Dressed

This may seem like an obvious one, I do this every week day to go to work, however if I have Instagram and Blog stuff to do at the weekend then I also like to get myself ready for the day and feel ready to tackle the work load.

Skin Prep

A vital part of making me feel human and ready to start work is making sure mt morning skincare routine is done and out the way. My morning routine is a lot more simpler than my evening one so it takes a lot less time anyway.

Lists, lists and lists

I love lists, they are my best friends, I find it so satisfying being able to work my way through a list and tick everything off! I tend to make all my lists the night before, that way I can go to bed with a clear head and not worry about forgetting about something I need to do.

Feed your creativity

Food is pretty the main essential in the mornings and if I want to be productive, my go to breakfast on a day when I need to blog and take photos is poached egg on toast (purely so I can take a photo of it and Instagram it with the caption ‘Good Morning@). Along with food it is really important to make sure your hydrated, I always like to drink a big glass of water before having any other type of drink (coffee).  


In my opinion, waking up and having a tidy room/house is a great feeling, going to bed and knowing everything is in its rightful place, how tranquil. I like to make sure everything is in its home before I get into bed, this makes getting ready in the morning so much easier!

How do you make sure yourself productive in the mornings?

Victoria xx

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