Forgotten beauty bits…

I have recently just shuffled my room around (again) and had a little tidy and sort through ALL my make up, I find this so satisfying and relaxing especially when you find products that you’ve forgotten about (much like clothes in my wardrobe).
So here are some beauty bits I’ve pulled aside from the main bulk of my collection and kept in acrylic drawers next to my bed so I can’t forget about them… 

I keep all my everyday essesntials in my make up bag, everything I use for work mainly, then if I want a different look that day thats when I’ll head over to my large acrylic drawers where the main bulk of my collection is kept. I have had a look through then and picked out some products which have not had a lot of love recently and need to be used.

Drawer 1

Loreal Infalliable foundation was my absolute favourite until I discovered MAC Studio Sculpt, pretty much all the foundations I own have taken a back seat since I discovered MAC. This foundation is very full coverage and that is not something that I desire anymore, I have accepted the fact I get spots and that sometimes trying to hide them looks a lot worse! ALthough, I love using Pixi Glow Booster with heavier coverage foundations to make them a bit more sheer and glowy so these two together would work a treat! Deffo a combo to try out!

Next I have pretty expensive primer from Figs & Rouge, don’t worry I didn’t buy this one, it was sent to me in a Cohorted Subscription Box. This primer is for brightening skin and illuminating the base, when you apply it you look like Edward Cullen, all shimmery.

Bourjois concealers are my favourite, the only reason I haven’t been reaching for this one is because I have been loving the Healthy Mix concealer as I find it a little lighter and more brightening.

As for lip products, I have been neglecting everyone of them apart from a select few. So I have picked out a few nude shades which I can start wearing on an everyday basis, as I work mainly in the PE department I tend to lean more towards lipbalm rather than colour. I have picked Tanya Burr Cosmetics in Pink Cocoa, Tarte Tartiest Glossy Lip Paint in Obvi and Barry M Matte Me Up in Pose.

Drawer 2

This drawer is basically full of highlighters, can you guess which highlighter I have been using a daily basis instead of these?… Glossier Haloscope, if you have seen, heard of or tried this highlighter then you must, it’s been a real game changer. I have picked out three highlighters which used to be my favourites and I guess in some way they still are when I want an extra glow. First up is Peonies Please by Tanya Burr Cosmetics, this is a really subtle pink glow which can be used as a blush or on your cheek bones to add a warm girly look to your makeup. Next is another pinky shade, Soft & Gentle from MAC, literally just swatching that on my hand left me saying OMG. I really must wear this more! And lastly, Mary Lou-Manizer by The Balm, this is a really intense gold shade.

The one brow product I have picked out to use more of is from Becca Cosmetics, this was also in a Cohorted Box, however this one is a little to dark for so I tend not to reach for it. Although if I can spend a bit of time on my brows I can get this to work for me and when it is applied precisely it does look really good as the pigment and consistency makes it really easy to apply.

Another foundation which has been neglected is by The Ordinary, I bought this on a whim and I have to say I am not overly impressed with it. I find it rather drying, so Pixi Glow Booster comes into play here aswell!

And finally in drawer number 2 is Rimmel Lasting Finish Concealer, this has taken a bit of a back seat because I have been less worried about covering up spots and embracing my skin more. This however, is one of the best concealers I have tried, so I would definitely reccomend it!

Drawer 3

The Hourglass Ambient Lighting Edit palette has been with me now for 2 years and it’s safe to say I do not use it enough, in my opinion this is more a special occassion palette (and well, there are not enough special occasions to wear it), so I am going to try reaching for this more often on a daily basis.

Another product for glowy skin is the Make Up Revolution Liquid Highlighter in the shade Luminous Gold, this is exactly what it says, liquid gold. This creates a really intense gold glow, although I do find you have to work fast blending it as it dries pretty quickly.

Finally, the Urban Decay Naked Flushed is fairly new to my collection so I need to remember that I actually own it now and use it!

So, there you have it, my poor neglected make up items which will hopefully be seeing some action in the coming weeks!

What make up have you just realised you’ve forgotten about?

Victoria xx

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