Follow me: Morning Coffee & car disaster

Hello everyone, today’s blogpost was supposed to be super festive and fun with loads of pretty photos but instead it didn’t end up that way, it ended up with a ride in the back of a police car! Keep reading to find out what happened.

First up of course is the whole getting ready bit in the morning, when I wake up the first thing I do is my skin care routine. I like to do this first so my moisturiser has time to sink in before I apply my makeup.

To cleanse my face I used the Milky Jelly Cleanser from Glossier followed by the Tea Tree toner by The Body Shop as I was suffering from a few pesky spots. And then I applied a couple of drops of the Generation Skin serum which contains Hyaluronic Acid, Green Tea and Aloe which will help my skin out on days like today. I then finished with the Olay moisturiser as this had spf 15 and I wanted to some protection from the uv rays this day as it was a beautiful winters day.

Breakfast time, my favourite part of the morning. Normally I have my favourite poached eggs on toast but as I was having more food an hour later I decided just to have crumpets with jam and gingerbread latte.


For my make up I used all the face and eye products which is received free from Bourjois in the Infuenster Box last month.

Luton Hoo

I treated my Mum to morning coffee at Luton Hoo as part of her birthday present, I picked French toast and bacon off the breakfast meant and it was heaven! Although a little on the expensive side it still tasted amazing!

After eating, relaxing and enjoying the atmosphere we went for a walk around the grounds which never disappoints.

The grounds are so beautiful.

We walked around finding hiding arches which over looked the countryside.

Here is the beautiful house!

Our next stop was supposed to be a really festive garden centre called Frosts, but as I was driving my car started making a really bad sound. As I had never heard this sound before I was conceded so we pulled over in a lay-by.

When I got out the car I notice a liquid leaking from under my car, I attempted to get the bonnet up to check the oil but was unsuccessful as it was stuck and wouldn’t budge. After seeking advice from a mechanic we decided to carry on driving.

Not even 2 minutes down the road, my bonnet flew up and hit my windscreen and proceeded to stay up making it near impossible to see! The sound was so loud it literally sounded like something huge had hit my car, but it was just the bonnet hitting the windscreen.

Luckily I was able to pull over on the side of dual carriage way safely. When I got out the car I had to use all my strength to get the bonnet back down as the hinges had bent upwards, there was also a huge dent right in the middle of bonnet so it would not close. This meant we could no drive it.

My mum had to run back to SOS point and use that phone to report it, they were not very helpful at all, they said they were sending the police because of where we were but they didn’t send any other help.

After an hour two police cars turned up to try and help, the plan was to move my car to a lay-by on a parallel road, but first they had to do some problem solving.

To make matters worse neither of us were in the AA or RAC, but luckily you can actually sign up on the day. Although the first time I rang the man from the AA said he can’t do anything until the police have moved it.

I then had to make a second phone call back to AA and sign up, the lady I spoke to this time told me they didn’t do recoveries! Which is of course a lie, because as I told the police that, a AA tow truck drove past us! After nearly 40 minutes on the phone to the AA I had signed up and had a repair vehicle on the way.

The police moved my car to the parallel road, and my mum and I got to ride in the police car around to that road! First time for either of us in the back of a police car!

Once the police left it was another hour and a half until the AA turned up, they kept pushing their response time further and further away.

Also, I forget to mention but the temperature was 2degrees during the afternoon and 1 degree in the evening so we were freezing by the point we actually got rescued!

The AA man was able to wire my bonnet shut, start my car back up and followed us home, but as I was driving the lights on my speedometer had gone out so I couldn’t see what speed I was going, it turned out that my back lights also went out aswell.

We eventually got home 4 and half hours later, cold and our spirits dampened.

Have you had any car disasters?

Thanks for reading,

Victoria xx

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