Keeping your skin hydrated this winter

Hello lovlies, todays post is all about keeping your skin hydrated this winter and making sure it stays nice and healthy looking even when you feel like you have icicles growing on you because its that cold. I am going to be talking about my favourite body scrubs, moisturisers and anything else I think works great for the colder months.

The main thing all year round is drinking enough water, just because its not hot and you dont feel thirsty, doesn’t mean your body needs water any less.

In the shower

I have been loving a few shower gels recently and these are mainly because they have really good benefits and nice ingredients to help nourish your skin and of course clean it. First up is Shower Shake by Zoella Beauty, this came to mind first mainly because it is a moisturising body wash. When you apply it to your skin it doesn’t foam up, at first I wasn’t too sure about it because i like my shower gels to foam but actually its really nice. I wouldn’t use this everyday, but i think on the occasion its really nice because it leaves your skin feeling soft as if you’ve just put lotion on.

Next is a shower gel by a newer brand called Whats in it for me, they create shower products which are full of goodness and really nice ingredients for your skin, I particularly like this one in the the winter months because of the smell. It smells really fresh and invigorating and makes your skin feel alive which I think is really important in the winter when your skin is lacking nourishment.

And finally in the shower once or twice a week I like to use a body scrub and my go to one at the moment is another Whats in it for me product. This scrub literally smells amazing if youve read my blogpost last month I raved about it! This is the best smelling body product EVER! I think its really important to scrub your body once a week to get rid of any dead skin and to boost circulation and get the blood pumping to the surface to keep your skin looking glowy.

Out of the shower

Once your out of the nice hot shower comes the worst thing ever, getting dry! When its winter and no matter how long the heating has been on your skill freeze! This also makes me super lazy, because I want to get warm again I tend to skip moisturiser and just get dressed. But on the days where I feel like i can brave the cold I like to apply the Soap and Glory Righteous ButterThis really thick and creamy, what i love most is that you can apply this onto damp skin, so there’s no need to dry of all the way!

And finally on the days when you feel like your skin needs some extra TLC an oil is a god option, these are instantly hydrating and contain rally nice ingredients to pamper your skin. My chosen body oil is the NUXE Huile Prodigiese which can be used anywhere on your body (including your hair and face).

What are your go to shower essentials for the winter? Let me know in the comments below!

Victoria xx

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