What’s in my handbag for the airport

Tomorrow I am jetting of the Geneva, Switzerland so I thought I would share what I am taking for the airport in my handbag. This pretty much just includes all the essentials I need to the flight and either side of the flights.

My bad is from Primark and was only £7, I really liked the fact it’s simple and pretty plain apart from the gold beetles on the circle. 

So here is an overview of what is going to fit into my bag, this bag is fairly small so I think I will actually end up keeping my money, passport and phone in my jacket pocket to free up some space. 

Firstly I have my passport which is on this super cute holder from Amazon, I love how summery and cute it is! It also stops my passport from getting damaged when it’s going in and out of bags. 

Next up is some chewing gum from Peppersmith, but not just any chewing gum, this is dental gum! This means that it actually cleans your teeth! This is perfect for when your travel and don’t have access to a tooth brush for over 16 hours. 

Ofcourse I need to pack my Elizabeth Arden Eugt Hour cream as I cannot live without this! 

I have also decided to pack my IPod, although I do need to download some new music onto it as it’s all a little out of date now. 

And then we have my purse, this one from Victoria’s Secret is my travel purse as it’s quite small but can fit a lot in. 

Snacks! Snacks are essential because you never know how long your going to be stuck on a flight for, I learnt my lesson after being stuck on a Thomsons flight for 10 hours when the actual flight time was 4 hours! 

A hair brush, this is the smallest hair brush I own so it’s the only one that will fit in my bag. It’s not great, but it will do the job as I imagine I’ll be wearing a hat both days anyway. 

And finally my phone charger case, I literally could not live without this, this has saved me so many times! 

What do you take in your bag for the airport? 

Victoria xx 

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