Autumn Boots

Obsessed doesn’t even cover how much I love these boots! So a little back story, this is my second pair. I bought these initially at the beginning of the year for work (yes, I had the best looking boots in the whole school) but I wore them so much, I wore them out. Now fast forward to October and I invested in my second pair, this time I decided to only save them for special occasions. That means so far they’ve only been worn twice, which is a shame because I want to show them off. 

These boots are the cheapest of the the specific style I’ve found in all the shops and websites, these were less than £30 from Amazon. 

As for the quality of the boots I think they are pretty decent, a lot better than Primark standards and they are much comfier than Primark footwear. 

I think these boots just make the perfect autumnal accessory to dress up a casual outfit and add some wow to your look. I will be living in these boots when I go to Geneva at the end of the month so there will ofcourse be lots of photos of them out and about. 

You can check them out Here

Let me know what you think to these boots.

Victoria xx

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