Things I’ve been loving in September 

September feels like it has just gone by as quick as lightening, how have I already been back to work for 4 weeks and we are now 3 months away from Christmas! How crazy? But now we are in October, and I have chosen to take on the taste of blogging everyday for the whole month, I have the ideas, now I just need the motivation to keep it going for a whole 31 days! 


This month I really feel like I’ve found my make up favourites, I’ve found my perfect primer, foundation, concealer and mascara and I havnt switched it up. Since I started blogging I started collecting make up, and I’ve ended up with quite a bit but now I can defienlty stop buying unnessasarily and just stick to what I love! 

The Ordinary Primer has blown me away, I ofcourse bought it because everyone raves about  this brand (and I do too). The texture of it is really smooth and feels pretty much like the Benefit Porefessional but at a fraction of the price which makes it even better in my eyes. I am almost out of this which makes me so sad because The Ordinary products are really hard to get a hold of and they are always out of stock!

Mac Studio Fix foundation has been my number one bae since the summer, to be honest it’s a little bit to dark for me right now as I’m as pale as the moon, but I’m using it until it’s empty. This foundation over the top of the primer above is the perfect combination, it is really long lasting and looks natural but flawless at the same time. 

Under eye concealer is a bit of a tricky one, some are too drying, some are too cakey, but the Radiance Reveal from Bourjois is just right! This applied with the two products above is ofcourse the perfect match. 

And as for mascara, if you have not heard of this mascara then you must be on another planet! The Loreal Paradise Exactic mascara has been one of the most talked about mascaras in a while, and I can definitely see why. It’s so easy to apply, it does not clump, it creates volume and adds length! The perfect mascara.

Hair & Body 

In the summer I was sent a hair oil to try out from Forest & Shore and I am totally in love with it! I use it after every wash and it adds so much nourishment to my ends and has totally transformed my hair. You can buy it here

This month I have not one, but two, shower gel favourites. I was sent a lovely body cleanser from the brand What’s In It For Me..? in the summer and I pretty much use it on alternate nights with the My Bilou shower foam which I bought myself after seeing so many photos of it. Both of these shower gels are still very much on the summer side of things, but I like that, I’m still imagining I’m on a beach tanning instead of in the dreary UK weather!

Because I’m using oil in my hair after washing it, sometimes my hair looks a little too oily (still trying to work out how much to apply) I tend to use a dry shampoo on a daily basis. My go to dry shampoos are Co Lab Hair, I love the packaging so much and the fact that it doesn’t leave white residue when you spray it! 


These boots are pretty much my ride or die fashion piece for autumn and winter. Fun fact, this is my second pair of these boots, I loved them so much earlier this year I wore them out, so obviously I bought another pair for the new season. There are very similar to the ones you can find in high street store but so much cheaper. You can find them here

If you want to see more of what I get up to then head over to my Instagram account so you can stay up to date. 

Victoria xx 

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