Skin Care I’m Loving Right Now 

I have been wanting to write this post for ages but I wanted to wait until I had found my favourites and knew they were working for me. My skin at the moment is just all over the place, it’s uneven, I have bumpy little spots and then I have the occasional big red spot that needs popping. But after using these products for a while I have ingredients and serums especially which are really helping improve my over skin texture and look. 

To begin with, my newest addition is a charcoal Konjac Sponge. You can find these online and they are pretty cheap, they reccomend you replace them every 3 months. My one is from Grace & Stella. I use this in the mornings after I have used a cleanser to stimutate my skin and get the blood flowing around my face. It’s an exfoliating but it’s not over powering or harsh like some face exfoliators would be. 

Next up I have 2 toners which I have been loving, the first is a Glycolic Acid Toner from The Ordinary. This helps even our skin tone and gentle exfoliate to allow new skin cells to form creating a healthier glow. The second one is a Tea Tree Toner from The Body Shop, I tend to use this when I’m having break outs as it helps prevent the spread of bacteria from the spots and helps drawer out the impurities to create a matte completion. 

This next little section turns into an appreciation post for The Ordinary, I recently been loving their products but they have become really hard to get a hold off as everyone seems to buy everything that I want and need. First up is a serum called Argireline, I use this on my forehead and under my eyes to help reduce the appearance of lines as it helps limit muscle movement some how, but it seems to be working. Next is the Lactic Acid which has a peeling formulation, I use this once a week or every other week depending on how my skin is looking and feeling. This helps give you more of a natural glow. And lastly, if you struggle with spots or little bumps like I said at the beginning then you will want to get your hands on their Salicylic Acid, I use this over big areas on my face, not just on one spot in particular. This helps drawer out the impurities and target large areas. 

And finally the last product I have been loving is a day cream from Clinique, I love how fresh and revitalised my skin feels after applying this in the mornings. It is also pretty light weight so applying make up over the top is ok to do. 

What are you favourite skincare products? Are there any I should try? 

Victoria xx 

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