An afternoon in the lavender fields 

If your on Instagram as much as I am then you probally end up planning your life around the best instrgam places to visit, and one which had been on my list to complete this summer was the lavender fields. And to my surprise I have a lavender & sunflower farm 20 minutes away from me, so I eventually got to visit this place last weekend! 

If you want to go and check out this place for yourself then head over to their website for their address Hitchin Lavender for more details. 

So literally just 20 minutes down the road is a beautiful farm covered in lavender, although we visited at the end of the season so the colours have pretty much gone but the smell was still lingering around along with the bees. 

It was so surreal actually walking through the fields of lavender, walking up and down the rows and being able to pick how ever much you want! Yes that’s right, you pay £5 on entry and get given a fairly large brown paper bag and a pair of scissors so you can take home your pickings. 

I picked so much lavender and did so much walking, and pretty much think I found my dream job. As it was the end of the season this meant that sunflowers were looking worse for wear and we’re all dead which was a huge dissapoinment as I really looking forward to getting some amazing photos and taking some heads home with me. 

Now what could be better than picking lavender, how about eating lavender ice cream! For £2.50 or £3 with a flake you can have a whippy lavender ice cream. However from what I could work out and what other people were saying we think it was just coloured lavender. But it was still scrumptious. 

I would 100% recommend going to visit your local lavender field, it such a fun afternoon out in nature rather than walking around a city! 

Victoria xx 

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  1. holliesblog854 says:

    Its so weird to see that you’ve done the exact same post that I done the other week! We must live so close to each other as it’s only took us 20 ish minutes to get to Hitchin Lavender Fields. It’s such a beautiful place and your photos look really great. I wrote a blog post all about the lavender Fields too, I will link it below if you fancy reading it.
    Great post xx

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    1. Your photos are amazing! Wish I’d made it there sooner, but it ended up being to late for all the great colours and sunflowers! We must live really close! Cx

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  2. holliesblog854 says:

    Hi Hun! I just nominated you for the blogger Recognition award xx


  3. Siyana says:

    Such an amazing place! I’ve also heard that there’s the lavender lemonade and it’s so worth trying! x

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    1. They had that there! But I’m not a fan of lemonade so ice cream was my go to 🙈🙈 xx

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