New In: skincare & makeup 

Hello, today I’m going to sharing some of the new products I’ve picked up! 

Make Up 

I have to admit over the past couple of months I did splurge a little bit on make up, I am the type of person who will pretty much only buy drugstore products and then treat myself once a year to some higher end products, so I guess this was it. I have been after Benefit Hoola Bronzer for the longest time, and since my Laguna Bronzer from Nars is running very low I thought it would be the perfect time to purchase it. A few hours after placing the Hoola order I decided to jump on the bandwagon and get Benefit Galifornia blush. Everything about this blush made me want it, the name, the packaging and omg the smell! If you havnt smelt it then you need to, I make everyone smell it when I’m doing my make up! I then ended up picking a third Benefit product in the form of their Primer, I had been using a sample of this and fell in love so once again it was a must. But I do only save this for special occasions. 

As I was going on holiday and new I would need darker foundation, instead of taking 7 different foundations with me I decided to buy the foundation drops from The Body Shop. Just by adding a couple of drops to your foundation helps match your face to the rest of your body. These were a complete saviour on holiday! 

And finally the newest purchase, the Tanya Burr Cosmetics Contour Stick in medium/dark. I picked this up because I love to apply a cream contour/Bronzer to my forehead pretty much all year round. The current one I am using is running out and the brand is having a problem with creating more stock so I don’t think I’ll ever get ahold of it again. 


The lovely COLAB hair team saw how much I was obsessed with their dry shampoos they sent me two more! And this could not have been more perfectly timed as I was about to run out of my other one! COLAB dry shampoos are my actual favourites at the minute, just look at the packaging! The mermaid one is ofcourse my favourite! 


Now onto the biggest section of ‘where has my money gone this month’, skincare. I picked up a new sheet mask from Garnier because well, I’m kinda addicted to them and plus I just want to try everything from Garnier! I then decided this year would be the year I got a tanned face on holiday, so I purchased the Bondi Sands gradual tan for my face. I have to say, I didn’t use this that much on holiday and actually managed to get a natural tan in the end but I have it now for when I fade (and by the look of this British summer, it won’t be long). While I was shopping on Superdrug sat around by the pool on holiday I came across a little pack of the Loreal Clay Masks for only £3.50 instead of £7. The clay masks are some of my favourites so I though these little travel sized ones would be perfect! 

And lastly, The Ordinary! My serums are gradually expanding and taking over a drawer of their own due to this brand. Everything is so affordable but so good for your skin! I seem to be placing an order every month, which I don’t mind as it’s a cheap order and they seem to be helping my skin out so much! I will do a separate blogpost about my collection very soon! 

What’s new to your collection? 

Victoria xx 

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