Top 10 Summer Holiday Essentials / Makeup 

Welcome back, today I am going to be sharing my top ten summer holiday make up essentials for going away this summer. 


Being in a hot climate means you really to want your make up to last for the amount of time you need it too. On a general pool day on holiday I won’t wear make up, but if I’m going on a little trip or getting ready for dinner I want to apply some make up. So my first essential is a primer which lasts and that you can trust to keep your makeup lookin good. Benefit Porefessional is my chosen one for my holiday and I know that it will give me long lasting make up in the heat.


I really want to find a BB or CC cream to take with me on holiday this year but I just never got around to it so I’m taking a foundation which may seem a little excessive but I know that it works for me. Mac Stufio Fix is my go to at the minute and I know that it will last all day and look good.  

Foundation Drops 

If your anything like me then you may have in the past, taken a multitude of different shades of foundations to match you along your tanning journey. However this year I have decided to give the foundation drop a go, these are from The Bodyshop. I actually havn’t had a chance to try these out yet so I will put them to use while I’m away. 


The Galifnornia Blush from Benefit is very recent purchase and I love it! It’s the perfect coral pink shade for the summer and it smells heavenly! This is perfect for adding a pop of colour to your cheeks. 


Highlighter is my jam, there’s not a day that goes by when I don’t highlight. The newest highlight in my collection is from Tanya Burr Cosmetics and is the perfect champagne gold colour to give a perfect sunny glow. 

Eye shadow 

Even though most people would choose to keep there make up pretty simple in the heat, I still like to do everything that I would do at home. So I tend to pick an eye shadow palette that has a huge variety of shades and can create a different look each night. I also think it’s great to have bolder colours that you wouldn’t necessarily use at home, yet on holiday you want to be braver with your make up choices. This palette is called Burning Embers from MUA Cosmetics and is a bargain at only £8. 


Bronzer is a great way of darkening up your face to match the rest of your body when you don’t tan your face. It also helps add more depth and shade to your face to give yourself a sun kissed look. My go to this summer has to be Benefit Hoola bronzer as it is the perfect shade and is matte so it looks a little bit more natural rather than a shimmery. 

Setting Powder 

I do not go anywhere without setting my powder, my go to all year round is Rimmel Stay Matte. I use this to set my make up in the morning and it keeps it looking matte throughout the day but still letting my skin glow through. 


Obviously a must, a bright lipstick which looks great with a tan and makes a bold statement. This is also a great way of looking more out together without doing all your make up. My chosen one is Wild Safari by Tanya Burr Cosmetics. 

Liquid Lipstick 

If I am put all day and don’t want to worry about whether or not my lipstick is in the right place I will wear a liquid lipstick. Fashion Legacy from MAC is the perfect red and last for hours, even when eating! 

So there you have it, my top ten in my make up bag! Keep an eye out for a post on what’s in my make up bag. 

Victoria xx 

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