Evening Skincare Routine 

Welcome back, so today I am sharing my evening skincare routine which is a little bit more intense than my morning one. 

I’ve actually missed out the first step which was removing my make up, to do this I tend to just use a wipe and then I go in and double cleanse with one of the above cleaners. I have been loving Garnier so much recently and seem to have stocked up with all their products! I am really loving the Oil Balancing face wash from Superdrug aswell! 

Face mask time! Twice a week, normally on Saturday night and Wednesday night I like to do a face mask. These three are my go to at the minute. 

Next up is toner, I have a bit of an obsession with toners and I should probally research into how many is too many to use in one go. Each night I alternate between them. I alternate between the Nuetrogena Black Head Eliminating and The Body Shop Tea Tree as I find they are both great for helping with spots and keeping my skin clean. 

I then rotate daily between Pixi Glow Tonic and The Ordinary Glycolic Acid, as the The Ordinary Toner is stronger than Pixi I like to switch out so it’s not to harsh on my skin. These are great for gently exfoliating your skin and string a glow. 

I then pick one of the above to finish up toning, these are much more kinda and less harsh and soothing on my skin. If I am having a dry skin day then the Glycerin and Rose Water Toner is great for adding that extra bit of hydration. What is great about the Garnier Toners is that they contain a tiny amount of Salicylic Acid so that helps combat spots! 

Every night I use The Ordinary Argireline Solution on my eye area and forehead to reduce lines and really hydrate those areas. On a Saturday and Wednesday (the same as a face mask) I use The Ordinary Alpha Lipoic Acid which brightens and targets the signs of ageing. I really love the way this makes my skin feel, it really does feel like it is working! 

I then finish up with an oil to add extra hydration, this one from Intense Formulas was kindly sent to me and contains about 14 different types of oils to help and maintain your skin! 

And lastly before I go to bed I apply a normal moisturiser or a moisture mask. The one above is a vitamin e mask from Superdrug, it is totally worth checking out as it really makes my skin soft and hydrated and make up sits lovely on top of it the next day! 

What are your go to skin care products? 

Victoria xx 

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