Tanya Burr Neutral Ambience Collection Review

I was lucky enough to receive the whole of the new collection Tanya Burrs make up. This new collection is called the Neutral Ambience Collection and is absolutly beautiful. There are 2 eye shadow palettes and 2 lipstick. And ofcourse eye shadow palettes and lipsticks are my weakness so I would of ended up buying these anyway. 

So let’s start with the packaging, it’s super pretty as always and this time it feels like it has a summer theme which is perfect because I’m obessed with pineapples and palms. Each of the palettes has a theme.

 The first palette I want to talk about is ‘my paradise’, this is the pineapple themed palette with beautiful rose gold and silver patterns. Obviously I’m drawn to this one straight away as these are my go to shades, shimmery coppery brown tones perfect for he every day look. There are 3 shimmery shades and one matte shade. The swatches are super pigmented and easy to blend and build up. 

The second palette is called ‘my escape’ and this has more khaki colours which are really unique. In this palette there are 2 shimmery shades and 2 matte shades. Once again they are really pigmented and easy to blend. At first I wasn’t to sure about this palette, but it’s definitely grown on me and I can see myself rocking it on holiday with a tan. 

Next are the lipsticks. There are 2 shades, one matte and the other has more of a satin finish. 

Bear hug is a matte nude, and is a peachy toned brown. Ofcourse this is the perfect everyday lip colour for work, I always wear Pink Cocoa for work so now I can switch it up. These lipsticks are always really hydrating and don’t dry your lips out. 

And the final lip stick is in the shade Sunday Walk, this is a pinky shade and is a lot more sheer than Bear Hug. This would be perfect for a sunny day in the summer for work as it’s still quite subtle but really pretty. 

All of these products are wonderful and I love wearing Tanya Burr Cosmetics make up on a daiy basis as it’s such good quality for the price. 

Thank you so much SLG & Tanya Burr Cosmetics for sending me these products to use! 

Let me know if you’ve tried any of these and what your favourites are. 

Vic xx

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  1. Urrghh those palettes and lipsticks look amazing and perfect for summer! And don’t get me started on the packaging, its perfect xx


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