My first ever YSL product! 

Yes you read it right, my first EVER YSL product! I bought my first lipstick from YSL as a reward for reaching 2000 on Instagram and it’s beautiful! I have been after a YSL lipstick for ages and I knew exactly what shade I wanted so finally splashed out bought it! 

Look at it in all it’s goldy goodness! It just looks so perfect and pretty standing there! This is a Rouge Pur Couture lipstick in the shade 201 which is a beautiful bright red. 

This is the perfect shade for summer and well, all year round! A red lip is my favourite shade to wear as I think it goes really well with my skin tone and just makes me look more put together. 

I wore it for the first time when I went to London at the weekend and it didn’t feel drying at all even though it is Matte. I did have to reapply after eatting but other than that I think it lasted really well! 

Have you tried any YSL? What would you recommend trying next? 


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  1. Charliestar says:

    LOVE the colour! ❤ I wish I was bold enough to pull of this colour! xox

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