Nip + Fab Make Up First Impressions 

Nip+Fab make up seems like the most hyped make up product at the moment with everyone owning it! But you can see why, it does looks really good! 

I picked up 3 palettes as they were on 3 for 2 offer at Superdrug. 

The first one I knew I had to purchase was the highlight palette, I chose this over the contour palette as I thought the shades were more wearable and I would get more use of them. As you can see it swatches are super pigmented. Why I love about these palettes is that the names are on the back of the palette for each shade which makes life so much easier. For the moment I will mainly be using the top row as they are more of my everyday colours I like to wear, but in the summer with a tan I can see myself wearing the bottom row to get more of a sunkissed glow! 

The next palette I wanted was the blush palette, I have a servere lack of blushes in my collection so I thought this would be the perfect way to boost them. They are all super pigmented but not to over powering, they can be built up easily and blend out really nicely. 

The travel palette was calling my name, it has the most perfect shades for me! As you can see it comes with a bronzer blush and highlight. This is the perfect all in one palette if you need to travel light! 

To be honest probally all of these palettes will be coming with me on my summer holiday because I pack way to much make up every year! 

I really do want to try a foundation from Nip+Fab but I have no idea what the shades are so I’ll have to purchase that in store. 

Have you tried any of their products? What are your thoughts on them? 


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  1. Never tried nip fab but the highlighters look really nice and pigmented! I’ll definitely keep an eye out for this one. Great post!! 💕

    Pearl ||

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  2. maddyloveslife says:

    Wow! These palletes look amazing! Great post💗

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      1. maddyloveslife says:

        You’re welcome💗

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