Spring Skincare Routine 

Hello and welcome back to a blog post 3 days in a row! I’m hopefully getting back into the swing of things and getting some motivation to start writing again so there should be plenty more. Today I am going to be sharing my current skincare routine. Recently (last month) I decided to invest in my skincare and get products which I have always wanted to try but the price put me off. I have stepped up my skincare and I can 100% say my skin is looking so much better than before, I have less breakouts and my make up looks good when I apply it and lasts so much longer. 

To begin with I always like to remove the majority of my make up using a wipe, I find this gets rid of the main layer and breaks it down for the cleanser. For face wash I have been loving the new Clay range from Loreal, I opted to try the Detox one first as I thought it would be the perfect match for my skin. It’s a gel to foam consistency and I can really feel it cleaning my skin deep down and drawing out the impurities. 

Every other day I like to use a scrub to get rid of any dead skin cells and to really feel like my skin has had a good refresh. My two favourites at the moment are of course Lush Ocean Salt which is full of fresh ingredients and goodness. Next I have discovered a scrub from the Botanics range at Boots, this has much finer beads and feels great on the skin. 

Just like with the scrub, I like to use a face mask every other day. I have found that by doing this my skin stays clear and heals much quicker. My two favourite masks at the moment are new purchases aswell one being a more affordable one and the other a little more expensive. This is my second tub of the Lorel Pure Clay mask and as I loved it the first time I thought I would purchase it again. This mask smells great and comes of really easily just my rinsing your face with water and scrubbing the mask into your skin for some extra exfoliation. The next mask is the Himalayan Charcoal mask from The Body Shop, this had been on my list for ages and I never could bring myself to splurge £15 on a mask! But I did, and I’m really glad I did. Just like the Loreal mask it smells amazing, really fresh and spa like. However I find this mask so much harder to remove as the little bits stay stuck to my skin. 

More Body Body products! When I bought the fave mask I couldn’t resist trying the toners as they were only £7.50 which personally for a brand like this I think is great. I use these on alternate days and dependant on how my skin is. If my skin if clear I will use the Seaweed one as this mattifies my skin. But if I have breakouts I will use the Tea Tree one to help combat the spots. 

I have a bit of a toner obsession and like to use a ridiculous amount every night! After The Body Shop toner I like to use the Pixi Glow Tonic. I am just about to start my second bottle, I don’t know if it’s working wonders on my skin but the toners is supposed to do great things so I just figure it’s working. This is a little more on the pricey side at £18 for the bottle, however my lay bottle did last me 4 months so I guess I’m the long run it isn’t bad. And hen finally to ca my skin and brighten it I use another Boots Botanic product, the All Bright Toner. 

After all the toners I like to spritz my face with some Thermal Water from Avene, this has lots of minerals and good things in it to help your skin calm down. Once that is dry I go in with a serum from Boots Botanics range again to brighten my skin and add some hydration. 

And lastly moisturiser, a couple of times a week I like to use a Vitamin E mask from Superdrug. This tube is only £2.99 and it is a leave on mask, I find it really nourishing and hydrating. On the other days I like to use yet another product from the Boots Botanics range to moisturise. 

Let me know your favourite skincare products in the comments and what your loving right now! 


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  1. Riya Solanki says:

    Love tbs products

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