New Makeup Haul!


Today I am sharing with you a really small but really amazing make up haul. At the moment I have kind of bought everything I want so finding new make up to buy is hard (but good for my bank account). I had however seen these few bits so I picked them up from Superdrug last week and I am in love with every single thing! I will hopefully get around to swatching the palettes, but for now their too pretty to touch a mess up! 

First off all, how amazingly pretty is this palette? If this is not the next big sell out then I don’t know, I had been eyeing it up for ages and was going to buy it when I next got paid, but I caved and bought it early with the fears it would sell out. 

This is the Burning Embers palette from MUA and was only £8. For a drugstore palette that is really cheap when you see the colours and the quality of it. Ofcourse I cannot bring myself to swatch it (head over to my Instagram @toriiitoriii for a glimpse of it in use). There is a perfect amount of matte and shimmery shade which make it a really easy palette to use. There is also a huge variety of shades, perfect for every skin tone and every occasion. I really look forward to trying this out! 

This next palette really reminds me of the MAC ones but a fraction of the price at £3. This has 6 matte shades (once again I havnt swatched them). There are a few different varieties of this palette, but a lot of them are already sold out on Superdrug so I ended up picking this one. I do think once again it’s a really easy to wear palette and the shades remind me of the Naked Basics Palette. 

This little stunner (little being the key word) is also from MUA and was £6 reduced to £4. When I had seen all the photos of this palette online I thought it would be quite large, the size of a normal contour kit like a ABH one. But no, to my surprise it was tiny! But it is cute, and the shades do seem very pretty! This is in the second shade. There are 4 highlighters which are super pigmented and really pretty to wear along with two bronzer/contour shades which are also very pigmented. I am really glad I only paid £4 for this as it is so small! 

And lastly, a Barry M Lip Kit in the Shade Pose. If your anything like me then you have seen this plastered all over Instagram and you have been lusting for own to try out. When I was in Manchester a few weeks ago I went into Superdrug and they were all sold out, however they do have a few shades online still. This is a really lovely pinky peach shade. I have applied it once to my lips and I found the brush rather hard and it tickled my lips which I don’t normally find happens when applying a liquid lip. That being said I loved the consistency and it seems like it would last a few hours. 

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  1. janahpinku says:

    Lovely haul! The palettes have such gorgeous shades.

    Btw, I am having a blog party in case you might be interested to join and meet other bloggers. Thanks and have a lovely day! 💕

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