Christmas Gift Guide For Him 🎅🏼 What I’ve bought 

I had never planned on writing a gift guide post as I didn’t really know what to buy. But am I am sat with a huge box of presents for people in my room I thought why not. Here are some really affordable ideas. 

This is one of those scratch maps, I bought it from Amazon and thought my Grandad would love it! I even want one myself. I believe it was about £10, and they do a larger one for £15. I think this is such a really unique gift idea that anyone will love. 

Next I bought my friend a cigarette holder as he smokes and I thought this would look nice on a night out rather the box they come in. This was super cheap also from Amazon as most of my shopping is because I have a problem. 

I then purchased a leather wallet for my Grandad as I saw his one was kooky a bit tatty. This one has loads of compartments for all his cards so it’s perfect for him. Once again this was from Amazon and was less than £5, but the quality is amazing! 

I then also bought a Calvin Klein spray for my friend from Amazon and this was £15 which I think is a decent price for 50ml. Of course any aftershave spray will be lovely. 

I picked up a bubble bath for my Grandad by accident, it was meant to be for my Nan but I didn’t really it said men on it. But this was about 85p from Superdrug as they had an offer on. 

My friend absolutely loves Breaking Bad so I found these socks on Amazon and had to buy them for him. 

And ofcourse chocolate treats are the perfect little gift aswell. 

And finally for my Grandad I picked up these magazines back in August when I was at a steam rail Way station. He loves trains and I thought that these would be perfect as they date back to the 60’s so he would love reading them. 

And that is all I have for now, I still need a few more ideas so if you have any leave them in the comments. Also I do have a brother but I’m pretty stuck on what to get him at the moment, so any ideas would be appreciated! 


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